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Why book a tour with Romanian Friend?

Traveller's Journal & Reviews

We want to hear about YOUR travel experiences in Romania: the places you've seen, the people you've met, favourite local dish or a travel memory to remember! It may be a great photo, a thank you note for your local Romanian Friend and guide or a couple of words for other soon-to-be travellers to Romania.

A small journal to show others the good times you had from your visit to Romania!

We don't want you to get lost in hundreds of reviews about Romanian Friend tours and guides - we already know they're good because we're natives who know the best spots and things to do in our country and found the best people to take you there - it's how Romanian Friend works.

Instead, we've asked others to review their experience with the guides and tours selected by Romanian Friend :)

  • Oana & Chris in May 2017

We had a fantastic day with Florin exploring the Turda salt mine and Alba Iulia citadel. Florin was an ideal guide - super friendly and welcoming, very knowledgeable, and passionate about Transylvania and its history. The salt mine is really something else. We had been looking forward to the installations inside but the really amazing thing is the mine itself. Alba Iulia is an extraordinary piece of work, and Florin could point out to us a multitude of details. All topped off by a drive back to Cluj through beautiful scenery. We hope to be back in Romania again and use Romanian Friend to find another great trip and guide!

  • Douglas in July 2017

My recent 2 day trip through Maramures with Florin was spectacular. Florin's knowledge is boundless, his enthusiasm contagious and his well planned itinerary excellent. The Maramures region is packed with wonderful scenery, wondrous wooden churches and a center for maintaining century's old traditional lifestyles. The staff at Romanian Friend couldn't have been more helpful or courteous. The entire experience was A+ and I can highly recommend joining Florin for a trip through Maramures.

  • Nioz in July 2017

The Food & Drinks in Local Markets and Hidden Streets tour was very nice and I enjoy it a lot!! I have to say it would be difficult for people not enjoy this tour because you the food is great and with lots of alcohol. And the first beer started at 11:30!! The guide was also very nice and after we finished he sent us email about all suggestions and tips we asked. Not only that people in the group were also very nice. Thank you!!

  • Andrea in July 2017

Romanian Friend made it possible to book a tour in Bukarest for me and my two oscillating kids with only a few hours short notice! So we had a great tour with our guide Elena to the important points of The Communist Heritage: Megalomania & Weird Names in Bukarest! She shared all her accumulated background knowledge about the revolution in 1989 and the former communistic regime and answered patiently all our questions. Our tour through Bukarest was much longer than planned because of the interesting facts she told us.
Thanks for supporting us in such an uncomplicated way!

  • Emilie and Alex in August 2017

We went on two beautiful hikes off the beaten path with Flavia on a two day trips to Danube Gorges and Domogled-Valea Cernei National Park. Among many highlights we can mention walking through a cave filled with bats, drinking homemade plumb liquor with locals and walking through the gorges. Flavia is very knowledgeable about the whole area, and she was able to change plans and customize the tour on the spot to match our preferences. Moreover, Flavia is a really cool person and we had a lot of fun doing the hikes with her. Thanks to Romanian Friend for setting up a nice and easy to use website and providing the right contact, and thank you Flavia for an amazing experience!

  • Rie Azuma in August 2017

I really thank you, Romanian Friend! You have made my stay in Romania special memory. Romania has impressively beautiful nature and villages. I wanted to see real Romania and the guides, Vlad and Iulia granted my wish :) Even horse ride came true while staying at a local village farm! I came from Tokyo- crowded, sleepless, the largest city in Japan. The life felt very different in a village. It felt calm, delightful, simple, traditional, happy.... :) that's what I wanted to see long time! Without you, my trip to Romania wouldn't be very different from the trip to other European countries. I fell in love with authentic Romania and will be back for sure. Murtumescu!

  • Karin & Daniel in August 2017

The horse ridding trip in the Romanian countryside was one of the the highlights of our 10 days in Romania trip. After putting our bag aside, we helped prepare fresh food. Peppers, tomatoes home-grown and home made cheese, some meat and other fresh delicious snacks were served on the big wooden table outside. After that we went for a horse ride for the first time. Mariuka, the host, knew exactly which horse matches our character/personality best and showed us from the beginning how to say hi and make first approaches to build a relationship with the horse. The first ride was amazing in the forest in the middle of the nature! On the second day we had the best coffee brewed with fresh warm milk from the cows. Rares, Mariuka's boyfriend, who was also taking great care of us, joked around with the horses and it was a very nice atmosphere and absolutely stress-less. If you go there in expectation of a hourly time schedule, you will be see that you have to be flexible - it is all more or less spontaneous. But in any case it was a wonderful experience and I would go there anytime again!

  • Amy in August 2017

We really enjoyed the bear watching experience!. Simona was a knowledgeable and friendly guide, the short walk to the bear hide was really beautiful and we had a really great view of the bears from the cabin. We would definitely recommend this tour to others visiting the Brasov area! We also found the Romanian Friend website really helpful in general for our trip to Romania, particularly the city travel guides which gave us lots of useful tips on what to see and where to go.

  • Carole in July 2017

I can honestly say that the Transfagarasan day trip from Bucharest was one of the best day trips I have taken so far! My guide was very knowledgable and very polite and easy to get along with. I had a lot of fun, learned a lot and saw a lot of great things and local life. I can't complain about anything - thank you Romanian Friend, I really enjoyed my day trip to and the rest of my time Romania. I'd like to visit more of your beautiful country in the future :)

  • Stefan in September 2017

I had a really great hiking tour in Turda Gorge and visit to Turda Salt Mine with Radu – he was very good company and I greatly enjoyed not only the tour itself but also our conversations. What’s more, he’s very passionate about the outdoors, and was always encouraging yet not pushing during our hike around Turda. The Turda Salt Mine as well as the trip around the gorge are a cool and varied combination for a day trip, and it was nice to enjoy the views from the mountains; a welcome change from the cities indeed. In addition, communication with the people from Romanian Friend and Radu was excellent, and I was able to do the trip on very short notice. Definitely can only recommend and thanks for setting it up so easy!