Complete Bucharest Communism Tour: Palace of Parliament & Ceausescu's Home

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One cannot speak of Romanian history without mentioning the 42 years of communist regime that deeply changed Romanian society and much of Bucharest's landscape. Join me on this guided tour to see major communist landmarks and sights, visit the massive Palace of Parliament and learn more about the regime, Ceausescu's private life and the violent revolution that overthrew him in 1989.

Moments to expect during the Complete Bucharest Communism Tour

  • How the communists transformed Bucharest

    How the communists transformed Bucharest

    Our tour starts with a brief history lesson about Romania's communist past and the notorious dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, Elena. As we go sightseeing through the most important landmarks and major boulevards in Bucharest, you will learn about city's history and how the communist regime demolished and transformed large parts of it to match their architectural plans.

  • Special tour inside the Palace of Parliament!

    Special tour inside the Palace of Parliament!

    Ceausescu's legacy is Bucharest's most famous building: the Parliament Palace (or House of People by its communist name). It is Europe's biggest building and the world's second biggest! You will see its richly decorated interiors in parts not available on the standard Parliament tour and one of the rooms where the Romanian Parliament meets.

  • Tour Ceausescu's private home & life

    Tour Ceausescu's private home & life

    Next, you will visit the private residence of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu and their 3 children, their home for 25 years. You will find out what kind of man Ceausescu was in his private life – his hobbies, routine or art collections. A unique insight into the dictator's private luxurious life - in contrast with how his people queued for food and other things necessary for daily life.

  • The Romanian Revolution of 1989

    The Romanian Revolution of 1989

    The revolution that overthrew the communist regime and lead to Ceausescu's execution started in December 1989. A crucial moment in Romanian history and, unfortunately, the most violent revolution in Europe: almost 1,200 people lost their lives across the country. Learn how it all started, what happened on the streets of Bucharest and how the city remembers its past.

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  • Starting point: Bucharest
  • Nearest airport: Bucharest International Henri Coanda Airport
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