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Natural & Geographical Sights

The Muddy Volcanoes

The Muddy Volcanoes in Buzau county are a rare geological wonder, hidden behind Buzau mountains - they are not your regular volcanoes but rather large mud bubbles, which are formed by the earth’s natural gas erupting and leaving behind crater-shaped forms of thick clay-like mud.

Muddy volcanoes are extremely rare in Europe, which makes the Romanian muddy volcanoes a curious site, guaranteeing intrigue to any visitor - they give the area a “lunar tone”, and coupled with the lack of vegetation, the landscapes offer an amazing “out of this world” impression.

The locals call them the “Gates of Hell” and you can expect to find two main locations, Little Mud Volcanoes and The Big Mud Volcanoes - located in Berca and Scortoasa communes. Due to the rare phenomenon creating the muddy volcanoes, new volcanoes can emerge at any time while others would disappear so the sight is constantly changing.

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Romanian Friend tip: While you are there, at about 15 km from the Muddy Volcanoes, you can also visit the oldest amber, dating back 60 million years, hosted by the only amber museum in South Eastern Europe. The museum, which is considered to have the world’s most famous amber color diversity, is located in an old traditional peasant’s house in Colti village, and apart from exquisite amber, it also showcases various rocks, traditional clothes, sewing objects and jewelry from different eras.

Being close to Buzau and Muddy Volcanoes, it's a must to check the Bran Castle tours and Peles Castle tours.

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