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Mogosoaia Palace

The Mogosoaia Palace is located near Bucharest, and is amongst the preferred options when it comes to leisure activities one can do during the weekend.

It was built in 1702 by Constantin Brancoveanu, who was Prince of Wallachia. It was lastly owned by Princess Martha Bibescu, until 1945 when the estate was forcefully nationalized by the Romanian communist regime.

The estate had other addition made to it by its various owners, and was restored during time, and today it has two major parts: the Honor Court and the exterior area around it. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in Romania representative for the unique architectural style known as Brancovenesc (neo-Wallachian): a combination of byzantine, ottoman, and late renaissance.

Within the Honor Court one can rejoice in the splendor the sight gives: the Palace, where the Art Museum hosts various expositions throughout the year. You can also find here the princely kitchen, which now is an exposition area, and the former ice house of the palace.

In the exterior surrounding area, you can walk in the English park near the lake, with gardens designed under the supervision of its latest owner, where you can also enjoy a picnic or play badminton in the alleys, and even have a barbeque! You can visit as well the Saint George church built by the Constantin Brancoveanu, the chapel and the greenhouse actually used for floriculture and for visual arts for children.

Romanian Friend tip: at Zumbaala Wake Park (see here), the first cable wake park from Romania, you can have a little fun wakeboarding. If this is your first encounter with wakeboarding, do not worry, initiating courses are available here.

You can relax afterwards at the terrace, and even join one of the multiple events, concerts, festivals, expositions held on this domain; for more information regarding these events, make sure to contact us prior to your holiday booking so you don’t miss out!

Location: Strada Valea Parcului, 1
Mogosoaia, Romania

Nearest airports: Bucharest

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