Bucharest Getaways: Mogosoaia Palace & Snagov Lake

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If you've got limited time in Bucharest, this is the perfect way to discover the city's essentials: see the main landmarks and boulevards, explore main neighbourhoods and understand history. After that, we take you to see the two main attractions outside of the city, also the locals' favourite getaway spots for a picnic or some nature time: Mogosoaia Palace and Snagov Lake & Monastery.

Moments to expect

  • Drive through the best of Bucharest!

    Drive through the best of Bucharest!

    We start our drive from the Arch of Triumph and drive on Kiseleff Blvd. admiring beautiful old-style aristocracy buildings to Victory Square to see the Government HQ. We continue on the coquette Victory Blvd. to see main sights such as the Atheneum, former Royal Palace, etc. and stop in Revolution Square to learn how the 1989 Revolution overthrew the communist regime. We continue our drive to the massive Parliament Building.

  • Mogosoaia Palace

    Mogosoaia Palace

    We leave the city to head towards the former residence of an old Romanian aristocratic family, built around 1700. While learning about the impressive and dramatic history of the palace, you can admire the unique Romanian architectural style of the building and enjoy a walk in its beautiful garden and domain. Or just rest and admire splendid views of the nearby lake!

  • Snagov Lake and Monastery

    Snagov Lake and Monastery

    We continue our drive through the outskirts of Bucharest to the village of Snagov, where the high class from Bucharest own summer villas around the beautiful lake which is hidden deep in a dense forrest. We enjoy a short walk in the area and go on a small island to visit Snagov Monastery . Dating from the 15th century it will impress you with its simplicity, legends and it is also the burial place of Vlad the Impaler - a famous Romanian medieval ruler.

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Location details

  • Starting point: Bucharest
  • Nearest airport: Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport
  • Nearest train station: Bucharest North Railway Station
  • Landscape: Urban, countryside

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