Essential Walking Tour of Bucharest: Old Town & Revolution Square

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With Oriental influences, a communist past and Western future, Bucharest is a vibrant city and an intriguing metropolis of Eastern Europe! There is a lot of history behind the city's landmarks and each story will help you uncover Romanian culture and life in Bucharest. Join us for a leisurely walk in the main areas to find out what's so interesting about our capital!

Moments to expect in the Walking Tour of Bucharest

  • Romanian Monarchy & Communist Revolution

    Romanian Monarchy & Communist Revolution

    Revolution Square, formerly known as Palace Square, is the political center of the city and has witnessed many important events in Romanian history. Here dictator Nicolae Ceausescu made his last, ill-advised speech to a crowd that turned on him, starting the Romanian revolution of 1989. All over the square, there are major landmarks including some that were at the heart of Western espionage and intrigue interwar years.

  • Victory Avenue & French vibe

    Victory Avenue & French vibe

    Leaving the square we'll continue on Victory Avenue - and I'll tell you about its name. It's also the city's main boulevard, shopping avenue and part of the reason for Bucharest's 'Little Paris' nickname. Some famous landmarks from the inter-war period we'll see here are the 'Telephone Palace', Military Circle, former National Theatre and Kretulescu church, one of the most famous in Bucharest.

  • The secrets of Old Town

    The secrets of Old Town

    Time to learn about one of the oldest - and most popular - parts of Bucharest: Old Town. This is where Ottoman Pashas rubbed shoulders with Transylvanian Princes and where the city's mosaic of cultures, religions and historic influences can be seen. Mosques, merchants, inns, restaurants, churches - all here. Major sights in the area include the National Bank, Stavropoleos Church, Caru' cu Bere.

  • Romania's most legendary figures

    Romania's most legendary figures

    The Old Princely Court was the former residence of Wallachian rulers, including for Vlad Tepes (aka Dracula) whose statue is somewhere in these parts. We'll finish the tour at Manuc's Inn, the most popular stop for everyone in Bucharest's history.

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