Communist Walking Tour: History, Megalomania & Hidden Sights

Mara With: Mara
Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, driven by megalomania and nationalistic ambitions, brutally changed Romanian society and the face of Bucharest. Let's go on a walking tour to find out how our capital was transformed, see major landmarks and hidden sights, find out how people lived during those times and how our society is still influenced today by its communist history!

Moments to expect in the Bucharest communist tour:

  • Bucharest communist landmarks: Palace of Parliament and Unirii Blvd.

    Bucharest communist landmarks: Palace of Parliament and Unirii Blvd.

    After the earthquake of 1977, Ceausescu decided to "rebuild" his capital. Learn how the 3rd largest building in the world was built and how architecture and city planning were used to change Bucharest and its people's minds and hearts.
    Note: interior visit NOT included

  • Get behind the Communist "curtain"

    Get behind the Communist "curtain"

    Behind the tall apartment buildings, common to all cities in Romania and other Eastern European countries, there are still traces of Old Bucharest. See some landmarks from Old Bucharest and find out how churches were moved to make way for the regime's urbanisation plan.

  • Education, mass-media and religion vs communism

    Education, mass-media and religion vs communism

    Ceausescu's regime had a strong personality cult, which influenced all aspects of Romanian society. I'll tell you how far the regime's reach extended, the massive parades that were organised and how pictures of Ceausescu were literally everywhere.

  • Revolution Square: the beginning of the end for the Ceausescu regime

    Revolution Square: the beginning of the end for the Ceausescu regime

    In Revolution square lies the former Communist Party HQ and the balcony where Ceausescu gave his last speech. It is also where violence took place and people died. To remember those events, a weird but towering memorial was built and I will tell you more about it.

  • [Optional] Visit a typical communist appartment

    [Optional] Visit a typical communist appartment

    Stories are nice, and I'm a good storyteller :) But the best way to understand communist Romania is to see how people lived. You can extend this tour to also include a visit to a typical apartment from communist Romania in the 1970s, preserved as if in a time bubble and now turned museum. You'll go in a typical 'worker's neighbourhood' and travel back in time once you enter this apartment where REAL people lived. This is a very local attraction few people know about!
    [extra 35 Euro/person, +1h for the tour]

Tour price: 2 x 35 Euro
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Location details

  • Starting point: Revolution Square next to the Rebirth Memorial (The patatoe)
  • Nearest airport: Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport
  • Nearest train station: Bucharest North Railway Station
  • Landscape: Urban

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