Food & Wine Tasting Tours

Food & Wine Tasting Tours

You probably didn't know this, but Romanians love eating and drinking!
Benefiting from rich, fertile lands and a strong rural lifestyle and history, Romanian cuisine is dominated by products and dishes made with peasant (farmer) food: garden vegetables, livestock meat, dairies, nuts and fruits, all transformed into delicious dishes such as sarmale, _ciorba_ (sour soup), stews, cured meats, matured cheeses, fruity cakes or jams! What's more, Romanian gastronomy drew heavy influences from its neighbours, particularly Hungarian, Turkish or Slavic, so you will find some similarities or even familiar adaptations.
Check our guide on Romanian food to find out more and what to eat when visiting our country, or have a look at our delicious food tours below:

Wine tasting tour in Transylvania

Wine Tasting in Transylvania Countryside

Start from: Sibiu

  • countryside
  • history
  • food & wine
  • local experience
With: Adela
120 Euro/person
Wine tasting tour in Romania

The Wine Tour of Romania: Cellars, Manors & Wine Tasting

Start from: Bucharest

  • best wines of Romania
  • local food
  • history & culture
  • village life
  • landscapes
With: Alina
159 Euro/person
Street food tour Sibiu

Sites & Bites of Sibiu: Street Food, Ciorba & Specialty Coffee

Start from: Sibiu

  • local life
  • sightseeing
  • off-the-beaten path
  • everyday Romanians
  • local products
With: Adela
65 Euro/person
Bucharest nightlife tour

Bucharest Nightlife Tour: Craft Beer & Hip Bars

Start from: Bucharest

  • off-the-beaten path
  • drinks & food
  • local experience
  • city history
  • major sights
With: Anita
82 Euro/person
Bucharest street food tour

Bucharest Street Food Tour: Farmers' Markets & Hidden Streets

Start from: University Square

  • cultural shock
  • local life
  • food & drinks tasting
  • communist areas
  • La Belle Epoque
With: Anita
67 Euro/person
The Old City Center

Brasov with a Local: Mt. Tampa, Farmers' Market & Home-Hosted Meal

Start from: Brasov

  • short hike
  • non-touristy
  • hidden gems
  • with locals
  • local food
With: Vlad
50 Euro/person
ready to ride

Bike & Wine Tasting Trip in Bucharest Countryside

Start from: Dealu Mare wine area (or Bucharest)

  • Dealu Mare region
  • premium wines
  • local life
  • countryside
  • picturesque
With: Oana
150 Euro/person
Cluj-Napoca food tour

Cluj-Napoca Food Tour: Food Markets, Regional Dishes and Coffee Culture

Start from: Cluj-Napoca

  • local experience
  • Transylvanian food
  • great coffee
  • food blogger guide
With: Mihai
55 Euro/person

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