Wine Tasting in Transylvania Countryside

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With so many rolling hills bathed in sun, wine-making - and drinking - has always been a favorite 'thing' in Transylvania! Locals have preserved centuries-old techniques and knowledge passed down from our ancestors, Romans and Saxon colonists, on how to harvest the best types of grapes on these lands and make a delicious wine. Let's visit a vineyard and find out!

Moments to expect during the wine tour in Transylvania:

  • Sibiu walking tour

    Sibiu walking tour

    We start our trip with a short walking tour of Sibiu, European Region of Gastronomy in 2019. The city has a vibrant multicultural scene but also has a special place in Romanian gastronomy and wine-making. Local producers take great pride in their roots and products so this will be a perfect introduction to our trip!

  • Vineyard visit

    Vineyard visit

    The hills around Sibiu were historically known as part of Transylvania's Wine Land. People used to harvest only white grapes and produce specific types of wine: Pinot Gris, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Royal Maiden. We'll visit a family-owned local vineyard, have a walking tour and learn about their wine-making tradition, the family business and old stories from the area!

  • A delicious wine tasting

    A delicious wine tasting

    After all this walk & talk, time to get to the practical stuff: we'll enjoy a guided tasting of 5 types of wine from the region, accompanied with home-grown and locally-sourced Romanian snacks and appetizers that go very well with the wines. With such beautiful views of the area, I'm pretty sure you'll want to have a 2nd, even a 3rd glass of wine :)

Tour price: 2 x €80
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Location details

  • Starting point: Sibiu
  • Nearest airport: Sibiu International Airport
  • Nearest train station: Sibiu Railway Station
  • Landscape: Countryside, Hills

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