Wine Tasting in Transylvania Countryside

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With so many rolling hills bathed in sun, wine-making and drinking has always been a favorite 'thing' in Transylvania. Locals today have preserved centuries-old techniques and knowledge passed down from our ancestors the Dacians, the Romans and the Saxon colonists on how to harvest the best types of grapes that grow on these lands and make a good wine - let's find out!

Moments to expect during the wine tour in Transylvania:

  • Village of Cristian: fortified churches & grapes

    Village of Cristian: fortified churches & grapes

    The village of Cristian was established by Saxons and Landlers, two ethnic groups that colonized this region centuries ago who also brought new types of grapes in the area and wine-making techniques. I'll tell you some interesting life & history stories and then we'll taste a selection of home-made traditional products (cheese, cured hams) in the Bacon Tower - a proper name!

  • Calnic Fortress & wine hills

    Calnic Fortress & wine hills

    Calnic fortress was built in the 13th century by the Saxon colonists. Due to its location, hidden between sunny hills and valleys, the village quickly became famous for its vineyards and, of course, delicious wine. Here we'll visit the fortress and local exhibition and learn about winery traditions, types and techniques that were used in the region.

  • Wine Tasting in Transylvania

    Wine Tasting in Transylvania

    This entire region was part of the Wine Road of Transylvania, known for its white dry wines, sometimes used as a trading currency by the Saxons. We'll visit one of the few - but famous - local wine producers in the area, walk in the vineyard and enjoy a wine tasting acompanied by small snacks. And the views - superb!

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Location details

  • Starting point: Sibiu
  • Nearest airport: Sibiu International Airport
  • Nearest train station: Sibiu Railway Station
  • Landscape: Countryside, Hills
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