2-Day Trip in Maramures: UNESCO Wooden Churches & Local Sights

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Maramures is one of the most representative regions in Romania where village locals have preserved the rural culture of our ancestors: old traditions, crafts and a self-sustainable way of life! With few signs of modern life, the region lives in a time bubble. And when you see the its charming rolling hills, UNESCO wooden churches, friendly locals and delicious food - you will have a unique memory!

Moments to expect during the Maramures Wooden Churches tour:

  • See the 300 years old UNESCO Wooden Churches

    See the 300 years old UNESCO Wooden Churches

    These wooden churches are unique in Romania and in the Christian religion. We will learn about the history, traditions, architecture and superstitions surrounding these churches. and, most important, why wood has been used to build them and as a way of artistic expression.

  • Taste the traditional 'palinca' - if you can handle it!

    Taste the traditional 'palinca' - if you can handle it!

    We will visit a local brandy distillery where we will learn how it's made and taste different flavours of 'palinca' or 'tuica', as it is called in other parts of the country. Beware - strong spirit, only for the brave! :)

  • Prepare for local food and traditional dishes!

    Prepare for local food and traditional dishes!

    On our first day, a young local family invites us to taste products from their own farm and the delicious dishes of Maramures region. But even with our other meals - expect lots of tasty and healthy food from one of the most rich culinary regions of Romania!

  • Stay at a local guesthouse

    Stay at a local guesthouse

    You will stay in a local guesthouse with clean and comfortable rooms, en suite bathroom and all other essentials needed for your trip. And you'll experience firsthand how welcoming the locals from Maramures region are!

Tour price: 2 x €225
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Location details

  • Starting point: Cluj-Napoca
  • Nearest airport: Cluj Napoca International
  • Nearest train station: Cluj-Napoca Train Station
  • Landscape: Countryside

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