2 or 3 Days in Maramures: Wooden Churches, Traditions & Village Life

Maramures region is the best place to experience authentic Romanian culture and village life! Locals have preserved the rural lifestyle of their ancestors: old traditions, crafts and a self-sustainable, simple way of life. Come visit villages and popular sights in the area, admire picturesque sceneries, meet friendly locals and taste delicious homegrown food in the Romanian countryside!

What you need to know about this guided tour of Maramures:

  • This is a 2-day trip (can be extended to 3 days) from Cluj-Napoca with a flexible itinerary so you see the best of Maramures region!
  • All-inclusive: all transport, 1 night stay in local guesthouse, half board, entrance fees to 3 sights and special tasting event
  • We will visit 2-3 UNESCO Wooden Churches, the Victims of Communism Memorial in Sighetu Marmatiei and the Merry Cemetary of Sapanta, the most important sights in Maramures
  • Enjoy traditional and delicious Romanian dishes made with locally sourced or home-grown products from locals. Enjoy a tasting of the traditional regional drink 'palinca'
  • Accommodation at a local guesthouse where owners make their own cheese and cured meats! Depending on season, you could see the making-of process live!
  • Responsible tourism at its best: you will meet lots of locals, learn about their lives and see local crafts such as woodcarving or knitting
  • 1 day tour extension: we can ride the Mocanita Steam Train (ticket included) and the itinerary will be more relaxed so we can visit more, go hiking through the villages and slow down!

Additional information

The schedule of this trip is rather busy, but it will give you a unique and complete insight into the region of Maramures, Romanian culture and our old way of life. If possible, we recommend you extend the trip to 3 days / 2 nights (extra price of 150 Euro/person).

30% deposit required when making a booking request; you need to cancel with 7 full days before the booking date to get a refund - medium cancelation policy applies

Moments to expect during the Maramures Wooden Churches tour:

See the 300 years old UNESCO Wooden Churches

These wooden churches are unique in Romania and for Christianity. We will learn about their 400 year-old history, architecture, religious celebrations and superstitions surrounding these churches. There's a reason why wood has been used to build these churches and we're going to find out! They're representative for culture in the region and beautifully decorated on the inside. And if you book your tour on a Sunday then you'll have the chance to see locals going to church wearing their best folk costumes!

See the 300 years old UNESCO Wooden Churches

Taste 'palinca' and visit craftsmen

The traditional Romanian drink is 'tuica' or 'palinca' - a clear distilled spirit made out of plums or other fruits, all natural! Beware - only for the brave! Depending on availability and your interests, we can also visit a traditional wood craftsman who makes the huge gates you'll see everywhere to see him in action. Or local ladies who make by hand the beautiful and detailed rugs with a waiting list of 2 years!

Taste 'palinca' and visit craftsmen

Hearty, delicious Romanian food!

Maramures is well known for its delicious, traditional and belly-filling dishes, and people here are very hospitable, which means you can't leave the table without finishing your plate! On our first day we'll visit a family of local producers to taste products from their own farm (matured cheese, cured meats, home-grown vegetables).

Hearty, delicious Romanian food!

The Merry Cemetery of Sapanta

Have you ever been to a happy cemetery? The Merry Cemetery of Sapanta is such a place where colourful wood-carved tombstones colorfully depict the lives of those resting there with anecdotes and funny jokes about their lives. You quickly forget you're in a cemetery and it's a unique place in the world!

The Merry Cemetery of Sapanta

Victims of Communism Memorial

This former prison in Sighetu Marmatiei has a terrifying reputation. The communist regime sent many political opponents here, most of which never came out. Turned into a museum, visiting this prison will give you an insight into Romanian history and the difficult times our society endured for almost 45 years.

Victims of Communism Memorial

The slow life in Maramures will make you want more!

As you'll see, locals here take it slow. They enjoy the simple things and spending time together. In 2 days you'll see many attractions, yes - but the real spirit of this region is experienced by SLOWING DOWN, disconnecting from our busy lives in the big city. Many people choose to extend this trip with 1 day to meet more locals, go on short hikes and relax in nature. But that's not always possible on short notice... So my advice - we're always in a rush, so give yourself this experience, you'll thank me later!
[extra 150 Euro/person for overnight with meals]

The slow life in Maramures will make you want more!

[3-day tour extension] Ride the Mocanita Steam

Spend another day in Maramures to make your itinerary more relaxed and enjoy the peaceful countryside! On the 3rd day we go on the famous Mocanita Steam Train [ticket included] a slow ride that will take you through the mountains and a picturesque valley, where you can just relax and enjoy the ride. And then we can explore more of the region, or even go on a short hike.
[Extra 150 Euro/person]

[3-day tour extension] Ride the Mocanita Steam
2 x 325 Euro
How to book this tour?
  1. Choose how many people and when
  2. Request a booking and fill in your details
  3. Flexible payment and cancelation
  4. Guide answers in 24h
  5. Children prices

Cancelation & refund policy


Sends us or the guide an email 3 days before the tour informing us you can't make it and you'll get a full refund of your payment, no questions asked.

Location details

  • Starting point: Cluj-Napoca
  • Nearest airport: Cluj Napoca International
  • Nearest train station: Cluj-Napoca Train Station
  • Landscape: Countryside

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