Bike & Cycling Tours

Bike & Cycling Tours

A bike trip is maybe the most inspiring - and healthy - way to discover our cities, countryside and raw unspoiled nature. These eco-friendly trips will let you experience Romanian country life, meet local people and see our beautiful landscapes rolling before your eyes. Just get your bike gear on!

Sunset near Manastireni

Biking & Ethnographic Exploration in Village of Calata

Start from: Cluj - Napoca

  • local life
  • countryside
  • local culture
  • ethnography
With: Szabolcs
Above Carastelec

Bike & Wine Trip in the Hills of Cluj-Napoca

Start from: Cluj Napoca

  • healthy bike ride
  • Transylvania
  • countryside
  • boutique winery
  • responsible tourism
  • local food
With: Szabolcs
Colibita Lake tour

The Fairytale Colibita Lake: Hike or Bike on a 2-Day Trip

Start from: Cluj-Napoca

  • wild nature
  • cleanest air
  • disconnect
  • photography
  • local legends
With: Sergiu

7-Day Epic Bike Challenge: Transfagarasan and Transalpina

Start from: Bucharest

  • epic bike trip
  • 7 days all-inclusive
  • landscapes
  • mountains
  • adventure
With: Silviu
Hit the spot!

The Complete Mountain Bike Tour: Carpathian Trails & Bears Sanctuary

Start from: Brașov

  • 2-day
  • Piatra Craiului Park
  • Zarnesti Gorge
  • Libearty Bear Sanctuary
  • local food
  • adventure
With: Marius
MTB Tour Brasov

MT-Bike Tour to the BEST Viewpoint of Brasov

Start from: Brasov

  • half-day
  • adventure
  • nature
  • landscapes
  • some history!
With: Marius
ready to ride

Bike & Wine Tasting Trip in Bucharest Countryside

Start from: Urlati (or Bucharest)

  • Dealu Mare region
  • premium wines
  • local life
  • countryside
  • picturesque
With: Oana

Bucharest Secret Retreat: Bike Tour to Snagov Forest & Lake

Start from: Bucharest

  • green oasis
  • active
  • fresh air
  • hidden attraction
  • kayak
With: Oana
Bike tour in Bucharest

Panoramic Bike Tour of Bucharest

Start from: Bucharest

  • 'must see' sights
  • healthy
  • safe biking
  • sightseeing
  • active
With: Oana