Work with us

A Romanian saying goes: cu cât suntem mai mulți, cu atât puterea crește (the more of us we are, the stronger we become).

We believe this to be true. We want to build a community of friends, contributors and partners around Romanian Friend that share our vision and goal: to promote authentic travels to Romania in a modern and friendly way, inclusive and supportive of local communities, businesses and people, sustainable and eco-friendly in the long run.

If you are:

  • someone that can offer high quality services to people looking for Romanian experiences, trips, things to do, places to stay or just to have a good time, then you can become our partner; we're looking for anyone with local pride and a passion for authentic Romanian values, reliability and flexibility, creative and and a modern approach to people services
  • a story teller, a well-connected local or just someone who is passionate about Romanian culture, history or local life and want to share your writing with the world, then you can become our contributor; we are interested in any subject Romania-related that fits with our message and brand, but we’re also looking for original and quality content before publishing for the world to see;
  • finally, if you’re creative, organised, understand modern travel marketing and what Romanian Friend is all about, you can become one of our friends and join this new and exciting start up; just a heads-up: our standards are very high :)

If any of the above applies to you or you want to help Romanian Friend’s mission in another way, please get in touch.