Friends & Contributors

Romanian Friend has benefited from the support, help, advice or paid work of many people: friends and family, acquaintances and people I've met along the way, various professionals and freelancers. Most have volunteered their time because they liked the idea behind Romanian Friend very much - and also because I've been bootstrapping this start up on my own and couldn't afford to pay them.

Why? Because a lot of Romanians are proud of their country's beauty and culture and we know there are many places that are not promoted (not even amongst ourselves) and could use the extra support tourism can bring.

Many of the things you see on this website would not have been possible without their contribution and help. And a lot of information on this website, including city travel guides, recommendations for guide-partners or posts on social media, is thanks to them. With Romanian Friend I want to create a community of friends and people who share information from all over the country and promote the beauty of Romania.

All in all, around 10-15 people have helped me set up this personal project and I am very grateful for their support. I may also have promised some hiking with donkeys on Transylvania's hills…

I plan on making their profile and contribution public as soon as I obtain everyone’s consent to do so. You will see their names and faces here shortly.