Our team & contributors

Romanian Friend benefited from the support, help, advice and contribution of many people without which I couldn't make this 'project' of mine a reality. Setting up a business is hard - finding the right people to do it with is even harder!

In the beginnings in 2017, some people volunteered their time because they liked the idea of Romanian Friend - and also because I was bootstrapping this company and couldn't afford to pay them! So I am very grateful to: Iulia, Andreea, Alex, Luiza, Ioana, George, Doriana, Andrei and many others :)

As the business grew and became self-sustainable, we now have a stable team:

  • the website is coded by the web dev team at go further.digital
  • the logo was designed by the talented Tina
  • invaluable marketing help from Mihai
  • creative and funny Social Media from Monica
  • business development and marketing help from the enthusiastic Katie
  • videos made by a travel blogger who visited Romania Annemarie

Many of the things you see and read on this website would not have been possible without the contribution and help of so many people, including our 35 partner-guides from all over the country. With Romanian Friend I want to create a community who wants to make Romanian tourism better for everyone, share information and help each other to promote the beauty of our country.

Every time you book a tour with us you support this community - so thank you!