How it works

What is Romanian Friend?

1. Romanian Friend is an online booking platform connecting independent travellers who want to visit Romania to our carefully selected partners - local guides and people that share our passion for our country and what they do. This website acts as a middle man between tourists and guides and was created by Romanian natives to make tourism better for everyone - read more about us

2. All our guide-partners are handpicked by your Romanian friend after we personally talk to them, check their credentials and reviews. We work only with the people we think can show you a great time in Romania, are knowledgeable about our history, culture, specific regions or travel interests (like hiking) and offer safe, professional and licensed tourism services.

3. All tours and trips you see here are carefully selected and reviewed by us so that you get the best value for money while experiencing Romania in an authentic way! As locals, we know the best places to visit and the most interesting things to do in our country, so rest assured - whatever you decide to book with us you will have an amazing experience! Have a look at what our clients have said about Romanian Friend tours, guide-partners and services!

You should also know that all tours on Romanian Friend are private meaning it will only be for you and your group (except for some tours in the city). There are no shared, group or bus tours in Romania because of low tourist numbers.

Romanian Friend also has a special mission: to support responsible tourism in Romania that benefits both travellers and the places & communities visited through local, cultural immersive experiences based on mutual respect and understanding for the world's diversity - read more about our mission what responsible tourism is and how you can help.

What this means for you - short version - is that tours and trips you see on Romanian Friend don't include hotels, restaurant meals or just classical sightseeing. If you're booking with us you will visit lesser known regions and communities in Romania, stay in traditional guesthouses, eat meals with homegrown or locally sourced products or meet locals, craftsmen and artisans with interesting stories to share about our culture. This doesn't affect the quality or comfort of your travel experience, it just makes it more local :)

The booking process

Romanian Friend offers instant support and help at any stage of this process.

4. Request a booking. After you've decided on a trip, you need to request a booking from our local guide-partner by selecting your preferred date and number of people in your group. You will be taken to the booking page where you can customise your trip with extras, send a personal note to your guide and fill in your details (safely stored for our eyes only).

Romanian Friend has a network of partners all over Romania with in-depth knowledge of all regions and types of travel. If you want a custom, tailor-made trip to match your exact preferences or for larger groups - we can help you with that and connect you to the right local guide. Just contact us

5. Pay a deposit. In order for us to process your booking request and send it to our guide-partners, Romanian Friend charges you an advance from the tour price to make sure of your commitment and so that your guide can begin making preparations. The usual deposit is 10% of the total price of your trip but for complex, multi-day trips we might charge 30% to cover initial expenses.

Electronic payments are securely processed by PayPal or a secure Romanian e-payment partner (MobilPay) that accepts all types of bank cards, credit or debit (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro).

6. Wait for confirmation. Our guide-partners have full independence and make their own schedule. Depending on their availability, they will answer your booking request within 24 hours. In case of conflicting bookings, our partners can propose a change of + / - 1 day to your requested date, but you will be notified and can refuse the date change and get a refund.

This is how Romanian Friend helps you save precious time with finding guides, tours and back-and-forth communications trying to get trip details, prices or secure availability for tours in Romania. And by choosing to book with us, you are guaranteed to have a great guide and an amazing experience - while travelling responsibly! Win-Win

What happens next

Romanian Friend does not know the availability of our guide-partners and has no control over their schedule. The only way to know this is to make a booking request using our easy and instant platform.

7. If your booking is confirmed – you are set and ready to go! You will receive the contact details of your guide or host to arrange the final details of your trip and will pay the remaining balance on the day of your booking, either in local currency (Lei) or Euro, as agreed with your guide.

8 If your booking is declined – we will reimburse the amount you paid within 5 working days.

Romanian Friend cancelation policy

9 If you decide to cancel your booking you can get a full refund of your deposit if you send a cancelation request according to the following policies:

  1. easy: 3 full days before the booking date
  2. medium: 7 full days before the booking date
  3. custom: other terms, applicable only if expressly mentioned in the ‘additional information’ section of a tour or trip

The default rule for most tours and trips on Romanian Friend is the easy cancelation policy. The ‘Additional information’ section of each tour should be checked to see if other policies apply, depending on each partner's request. You agree to this cancelation policy when making a booking request.

For example, a booking made on the 10th must be cancelled on the 6th by 23:59 at the latest (Romanian local time) in case the easy cancelation policy applies. Cancelation requests must be submitted via email to

In case of no-shows you will not be entitle for a refund.

For more information, please check our terms and conditions.