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Timisoara Day trip to Danube Gorge & King Decebal Statue

The Danube is Romania's Southern border and close to Timisoara the river formed a beautiful natural gorge through the Carpathian Mountains. On this Danube tour we will go on a short hike to get the best views of the Gorge called 'Cazanele Dunarii' and then see King Decebal's Statue! A wonderful day trip from Timisoara!

What you need to know about the Danube Gorge and King Decebal Statue tour:

  • This is a private day trip starting from Timisoara. Duration: 11-12 hours
  • Included: transport, guidance and boat rental. Not included: meals, souvenirs or other expenses
  • We will go on a moderate hike with splendid views of the Danube Gorge. We can change the route according to your preference or fitness
  • During the warm season (April - October) we will go on a boat ride on the Danube and visit some caves!
  • During the cold season (October - April) we can do more hiking in the area and enjoy an outside thermal bath in the Baile Herculane resort (optional)

Additional information

We will meet in Timisoara (pick up from your accommodation).

This tour involves a moderate hike, please bring appropriate walking shoes and clothes.

Thermal bath: this is a public place with no facilities. Please bring bathing suit, towel, slippers if you want to take a bath.

The program can be altered on the spot, depending on weather conditions and other relevant aspects such as the physical condition of the participants.

Moments to expect during the Danube Gorge tour to King Decebal Statue:

Decebal's Statue: a massive rock sculpture!

We start our Danube Gorge tour from Timisoara by driving along the river banks and admiring the wild, natural and untouched landscapes. We finally make a stop to admire the tallest rock sculpture in Europe: King Decebalus Statue - former king of Dacians, our ancestors who lived in these parts 2,000 years ago.

Decebal's Statue: a massive rock sculpture!

Hike to admire Danube Gorge from above

We will then go on a moderate hike in the Carpathian Mountains to go reach a point above the Danube Gorge and admire the splendid views over the wide river. Impressive rock walls surround the wide river and beautiful vistas are all around!

Hike to admire Danube Gorge from above

Danube boat ride and cave exploring (April-October)

If weather permits, we'll go on a river cruise on the Danube and get a different, up-close perspective of the Boilers (Cazanele Dunarii). We will see other sights from Dacian - Roman times and go visit the inside of 2 caves accessible only by boat: Veterani and Ponicova. Very impressive and full of surprizes, the caves put on quite a show: the great entrance, the amazing galleries, and last but not least, a dramatic exit!

Danube boat ride and cave exploring (April-October)

How about an outside thermal bath?

During the cold season (October-April) or if the river cruise is not possible, we will take care of you with a hot bath in thermal springs of Baile Herculane resort. A thermal bath is very good for your health, as you will soon find out.
The bath is optional on the route.

How about an outside thermal bath?
2 x 140 Euro
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Cancelation & refund policy


Sends us or the guide an email 24h before the tour informing us you can't make it and you'll get a full refund of your payment, no questions asked.

Location details

  • Starting point: Timisoara
  • Nearest airport: Timisoara International
  • Nearest train station: Timisoara
  • Landscape: Mountain, hills, river

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