Timisoara Day trip to Danube Gorge & King Decebal Statue

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The Danube is Romania's Southern border and close to Timisoara the river formed a beautiful natural gorge through the Carpathian Mountains. On this Danube tour we will go on a short hike to get the best views of the Gorge called 'Cazanele Dunarii' and then see King Decebal's Statue! A wonderful day trip from Timisoara!

Moments to expect during the Danube Gorge tour to King Decebal Statue:

  • Decebal's Statue: a massive rock sculpture!

    Decebal's Statue: a massive rock sculpture!

    We start our Danube Gorge tour from Timisoara by driving along the river banks and admiring the wild, natural and untouched landscapes. We finally make a stop to admire the tallest rock sculpture in Europe: King Decebalus Statue - former king of Dacians, our ancestors who lived in these parts 2,000 years ago.

  • Hike to admire Danube Gorge from above

    Hike to admire Danube Gorge from above

    We will then go on a moderate hike in the Carpathian Mountains to go reach a point above the Danube Gorge and admire the splendid views over the wide river. Impressive rock walls surround the wide river and beautiful vistas are all around!

  • Danube boat ride and cave exploring (April-October)

    Danube boat ride and cave exploring (April-October)

    If weather permits, we'll go on a river cruise on the Danube and get a different, up-close perspective of the Boilers (Cazanele Dunarii). We will see other sights from Dacian - Roman times and go visit the inside of 2 caves accessible only by boat: Veterani and Ponicova. Very impressive and full of surprizes, the caves put on quite a show: the great entrance, the amazing galleries, and last but not least, a dramatic exit!

  • How about an outside thermal bath?

    How about an outside thermal bath?

    During the cold season (October-April) or if the river cruise is not possible, we will take care of you with a hot bath in thermal springs of Baile Herculane resort. A thermal bath is very good for your health, as you will soon find out.
    The bath is optional on the route.

Tour price: 2 x 140 Euro
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Location details

  • Starting point: Timisoara
  • Nearest airport: Timisoara International
  • Nearest train station: Timisoara
  • Landscape: Mountain, hills, river

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