Magical Hike in Nera-Beusnita National Park to Ochiul Beiului Lake

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Come with me on this easy day-trip from Timisoara where there are 3 natural wonders we will visit. After visiting a Habsburg-inspired town and some typical villages for the Banat region, we will venture into Nera-Beusnita National Park to see a majestic waterfall, ancient tunnels used by Romans to travel these lands and the Ochiul Beiului Lake - said to be magical for its unusual colour!

Moments to expect in the day trip to Nereu-Beusnitei National Park

  • Eye of Bei Magical Lake in Nera National Park

    Eye of Bei Magical Lake in Nera National Park

    From Oravita we drive into Nera-Beusnita National Park passing through some beautiful traditional villages in the region.At the Bei river bridge a local will wait for us and take us by horse and carriage ride till the the magical Ochiul Beiului Lake which has a spectacular and unique blue color that will mesmerize you! I will tell you some local legends about it, of course!

  • Beusnita Waterfall - magical nature

    Beusnita Waterfall - magical nature

    Our trek continues through the quiet forest for another 30-min to reach Beusnita Waterfall, truly a natural wonder in these parts. You will admire and feel Romanian nature at its best!

  • Ancient Roman & Turkish tunnels on Nera river valley

    Ancient Roman & Turkish tunnels on Nera river valley

    We return to the car for another 30-min slow drive through the Park and finally stop for another hike. This time we will go through several 2000-year-old tunnels carved by the Romans through the mountains to cross these parts, from their highest point to the lowest by Nera River. Spectacular and well-preserved!

Tour price: 2 x €100
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Location details

  • Starting point: Timisoara
  • Nearest airport: Timisoara Traian Vuia
  • Nearest train station: Timisoara
  • Landscape: hills, forrest, countryside

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