Short Bear Watching Experience from Brasov

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Did you know that Romania is home to the largest brown bear population in Europe? We are the last wilderness reserve in Europe! Bear families and other animals regularly descend from the Carpathian foothills around Brasov to look for food. Join a wildlife expert on this short trip to an observation hide to see animals in their natural habitat and learn more about them!

Moments to expect during the bear watching tour in Romania:

  • Going to the bear hide in the forest

    Going to the bear hide in the forest

    We will drive outside Brasov at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. Our wildlife guide will give you the safety instructions and then you will go on a 15-30 min walk through the forest (no hiking) to the bear hide. On the way the guide will tell you more about Romania's brown bears and their natural habitat. This is where we stay for the next 2 hours. You must keep silent, remain patient and get ready!

  • When the brown bears and other wild animals show up!

    When the brown bears and other wild animals show up!

    The bear hide has an excellent view over a clearing in the forest where bears and other wild animals explore and and look for food. The chances of seeing bears on this tour are very high (over 85%) but please remember that Nature can't be controlled and there are no guarantees. It's also possible that other animals will show up (foxes, wolves or boars) - so you might be very lucky! We will stay in the hide for about 2h.

  • Wildlife observation in Romania in safe conditions

    Wildlife observation in Romania in safe conditions

    Romania is known as Europe's last wilderness reserve and has the largest population of brown bears in Europe. Bears come out in late March or early April and spend the summer roaming the Carpathian Mountains, raising their cubs and looking for food. As do other wild animals like foxes, deer, wolves or boars. Bears retreat to their dens in late October or early November - so this is a perfect summer activity!

Tour price: 2 x 65 Euro
How to book
  1. Choose how many people and when
  2. Request a booking and fill in your details
  3. Flexible payment and cancelation
  4. Guide answers in 24h
  5. Children prices

Cancelation & refund policy


Sends us or the guide an email 24h before the tour informing us you can't make it and you'll get a full refund of your payment, no questions asked.

Location details

  • Starting point: Brasov
  • Nearest airport: Bucharest
  • Nearest train station: Brasov
  • Landscape: forest terrain (easy/medium difficulty)

Questions about the brown bear watching tour in Romania

Children under 7 years old are NOT allowed. As this is a group experience - and animals have very good hearing - any noise, loud voices, laughter or screaming will make them go away. We used to make exceptions in the past for "my kids can stay quiet and calm for 2h" but it didn't go well and we want to make sure everyone in the group has a good experience. If you really want to go with your children we can organise a private tour for you. Please contact us for more details. Children over 7 years old are allowed ONLY IF they can keep quiet and stay calm. And because spots in the bear hide are limited and the National Forest Authority that operates them doesn't offer any discounts - we can't offer reduced prices.
Yes. There will be no hiking involved on this tour and the walk in the forest will be easy, so this tour is suitable also for people with limited accessibility.

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