Our mission

“Whenever you travel, wherever you travel, remember to respect nature, respect culture, and respect your host. You can be the change you want to see in the world. You can be an ambassador for a better future”.

- Taleb Rifai, United Nations World Tourism Organisation Secretary-General, Travel.Enjoy.Respect campaign of 2017

Romanian Friend’s mission is to support responsible, sustainable and eco-friendly tourism in Romania through tours that are carefully crafted and reviewed by us, natives, so that local communities in our country can benefit from the financial and inclusive impact global tourism can produce - if done right.

In simpler words, our tours include locals services, food, guesthouses and visits that will create a truly local and memorable travel experience for you while helping uncover a fascinating cultural heritage, nature’s beauty and the unique way of life of Romanian people. This is best seen when travelling outside of major cities in Romania and venturing in the countryside, whether in the famed region of Transylvania or in others such as Maramures, Bucovina or the fishermen communities in the Danube Delta.

Romanian Friend wants to make tourism in Romania a positive experience for both travellers and local communities. That’s why we select our partners (local guides, small business owners and non-profits) only if they are committed to the same principles as us. You’ll see that all our tours contain at least one element of responsible tourism which helps locals, be it lunch or small visits.

And while you’re travelling in the Romanian countryside, wherever you are, we ask that you be mindful of village elders selling homegrown food or hand-made products on the side of the road - buying something worth 2-3€ will make a difference for them, with little impact for you :)

So this is our mission and we hope you will help us support it by choosing to book a tour with Romanian Friend!

Here are examples of some of the most ‘local and responsible’ tours on Romanian Friend, and some pictures to see what responsible tourism in Romania looks like (also from our tours):