Transalpina Road Trip & Cooking with the Locals

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We'll visit a local houselhold (also the orchard, oven, pantry, stable). Half of the time we'll in the kitchen, preparing - from local ingredients - local, old and very old recepes. While there, we will also see the splendid views of Transalpina Road at 1800m and the private ethnographic collection of a local artist.

Moments to expect during the Transalpina Road & Cooking with Locals Trip:

  • Learn how to make sweet bread 'cozonaci' from the pro

    Learn how to make sweet bread 'cozonaci' from the pro

    If the group consists of minimum 3 persons, we will make cozonaci!
    We will prepare the ingredients, knead the dough, cook the special stuffing with raisins and walnuts and see the final process of putting the "cozonaci" in the oven. In the meantime, we hear the stories behind the celebrations that have "cozonac" as a central dish (Easter, Christmas, weddings, baptisms) while tasting traditional drinks (plum brandy, sour cherry liqueur) and local dishes (aperitifs, soup, broth, polenta and smoked sausages). And, of course, cozonac for desert.

  • Stay at a local guesthouse

    Stay at a local guesthouse

    You'll stay in a traditional guesthouse, with private bathroom, private entrance, linings, everything else needed to make your stay pleasant.

  • Learn about traditional Romanian hand-made costumes

    Learn about traditional Romanian hand-made costumes

    We will visit the private museum of Daciana Ungureanu, a local artist who inherited from her family many traditional Romanian objects. Two of the dowry coffers of the collection are full of costumes from the region of Otenia which are hand made with old lace. Extremely fine pieces, they are woven in amazing colors and details using various techniques and materials. "I do not have enough words to describe them, you must see them.", says Daciana who is very happy to receive guests.

  • 1800m view from Transalpina - also known as 'Devil's Pathway'

    1800m view from Transalpina - also known as 'Devil's Pathway'

    Transalpina is the highest mountain road in Romania linking the region of Oltenia to Transilvania. We will follow the road to it's highest point at 1800m and admire the splendid scenery from above the clouds.

Tour price: 2 x €306
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Location details

  • Starting point: Novaci
  • Nearest airport: Craiova Airport
  • Nearest train station: Targu Jiu Railway Station
  • Landscape: Countryside, mountains

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