Hiking Day Trip in the "Hay-Hut Country" - Ecovillage

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The area around Sibiu at the base of CindrelMts is known for its picturesque beauty and traditional lifestyle! Untouched scenery and mountain villages spread over hills, villagers and shepherds here live off the land as they did for decades. Let's go on a nice and relaxing hiking tour from Sibiu to discover this beautiful area and visit a local sheepfold to enjoy a delicious and traditional meal!

Moments to expect in the Sibiu hiking tour:

  • A bit of hiking in Sibiu

    A bit of hiking in Sibiu

    Let's go enjoy the beautiful scenery waiting for us just half an hour outside of Sibiu. Soft mountain peaks, picturesque valleys and hills with pastures and forests, mountain cabins and sheepfolds. Spending time in the beautiful Romanian outdoors is the best thing you can do!

  • Explore the "Hay-Hut Ecovillage"

    Explore the "Hay-Hut Ecovillage"

    The Hay Hut Ecovillage is an area up in the mountains (not far from Sibiu) famous for its natural heritage. It is an area with many sheepfolds and mountain cabins, the perfect place to experience ecotourism, slow food and slow living.
    We shall meet local shepherds, learn about their daily life, discover what mountain agriculture means and why not, pick berries, do some mowing, experience wildlife observation and forest therapy.

  • Traditional & delicious shepherd's lunch

    Traditional & delicious shepherd's lunch

    After our nice hiking trip we deserve a delicious meal! We go to a sheepfold and meet the people still doing the fascinating & ancient practice of transhumanta - you'll learn about it! In the meantime, lunch will be prepared with appetizers (local cheese specialties, cold cuts and fresh vegetables) and a main dish: a simple & delicious meal typical for shepherds. It will be a unique gastronomic experience in the mountains!

Tour price: 2 x €85
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Location details

  • Starting point: Sibiu
  • Nearest airport: Sibiu International Airport
  • Nearest train station: Sibiu
  • Landscape: Mountains and hills

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