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Medieval & Historical Attractions

Alba Iulia Citadel

Alba Iulia Citadel be visited in the following tours:

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Romania’s largest vauban citadel, Alba Iulia Fortress or Alba Carolina Citadel by its secondary name, is remarkable for not only for its architectural elements and the beauty of its gates, which reflect unique military structures, but also for the rich history surrounding it - the city of Alba Iulia is of vital reference for the history of Romanians and is associated with the Great Union of 1918, where Transylvania and the rest of Romanian were united. This is why some Romanians like to refer to the city as 'the other capital' :)

For this reason, Alba Iulia Citadel was included on our list of must see sights in Transylvania - check out the entire list!

Built between 1715 and 1738 under the rule of King Carol the 6th, at a time where the Austrian Empire established its ruling in Transylvania, the citadel had the purpose of protecting it against Turkish invaders and consolidating their power position. The fortification system has the form of a seven pointed star, with 7 towers at the edges: The Trinity, St. Stefan, Eugen of Savoia, St. Michael, St. Carol, St. Capistrano and St. Elisabeth.

During your visit here, you can see monuments which date back over 2000 years - due to the complexity and variety of sights within the citadel, there are several types of tours within the amazing Alba Iulia citadel. Check out the official city tourist page.

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Romanian Friend tip: Don’t miss the daily military ceremonies representing the Changing of The Guards before 12pm and parades of Roman and Dacian warriors, as well as fighting demonstrations which take place every Friday starting 7pm during the touristic season from April to October.

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