Top Attractions near Cluj: Turda Salt Mine, Alba Iulia Citadel & more

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On this day trip you will see the 3 most interesting sights near Cluj-Napoca: first, Turda Salt Mine named 'the coolest underground place in the world' - guaranteed! Next, Alba Iulia Citadel, one of the oldest Roman settlements in Romania and the birthplace of modern Romania in 1918. Finally, a beautiful traditional village with picturesque sights that will charm your eyes!

Moments to expect during the Turda Salt Mine & Alba Iulia Citadel day trip:

  • Explore the wonderful and unique Turda Salt Mine!

    Explore the wonderful and unique Turda Salt Mine!

    We start our day trip from Cluj-Napoca and head to Salina Turda to learn about its history, dating back almost 2.000 years and used for various purposes. Then, we will tour the salt mine and enjoy the underground amusement park: you can play ping pong, shoot some pool, minigolf or rent a boat and row on the underground lake! All the while enjoying healthy air!

  • Alba Iulia Citadel - a Vauban settlement

    Alba Iulia Citadel - a Vauban settlement

    Next, we continue our day trip to Alba Iulia Citadel. Take a walk through a 2000 year old historic landmark of Romania and see remnants of different civilisations. We'll find out why Alba Carolina Fortress is considered to be the spiritual capital city of modern Romania and then visit the Roman Principia, a medieval Catholic cathedral and a neo-byzantine Orthodox cathedral inside the citadel. Finally, some splendid views of the nearby landscapes!

  • Village of Rimetea

    Village of Rimetea

    On our way back we leave the main road behind and head into the Romanian countryside. Amazing landscapes and traditional villages will complete our day trip and we will stop in Rimetea, winner of Europa Nostra Award for its authentic preservation. You will learn about how locals live, greet them and go for a walk to admire the beautifully restored houses!

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Location details

  • Starting point: Cluj-Napoca
  • Nearest airport: Avram Iancu International Airport Cluj-Napoca
  • Nearest train station: Cluj-Napoca
  • Landscape: Countryside and urban

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