Hiking and Via Ferrata Experience in Turda Gorge

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Known as the 'Mecca' for alpinists in Romania, Turda Gorge close to Cluj-Napoca is a top playground for mountain climbers! Besides the dramatic natural landscape, there is a beautiful hiking route in this protected area. And for those looking for a mountaineering experience in Romania there is a Via Ferrata route that climbs the rocks to the highest point on top of the cliffs. Let's go!

Moments to expect in the Turda Gorge hiking tour:

  • Via Ferrata in Romania: a true mountaineering experience!

    Via Ferrata in Romania: a true mountaineering experience!

    If you're looking for real mountain adventure in Romania - this is it! You will climb on steep karst ridges (heights of 200-350m) while hanging onto iron cables to explore the beautiful Turda Gorge Natural Reserve. Sometimes you will even climb vertically! We will pass through a cave and finally reach the top of the Gorge. The route is safe and you will have the support of a professional mountain guide and licensed mountain rescuer.

  • Hiking in Turda Gorge

    Hiking in Turda Gorge

    The closest natural reserve to Cluj-Napoca, this is a great place to escape the city rush and immerse our senses in the natural elements of rock, water and air! The trekking route will take you through the valley and you will admire nature at its best - all the way to the top! This route is alternative to the Via Ferrata option.

  • The highest peak of Turda Gorge

    The highest peak of Turda Gorge

    Our route, be it on the classical hiking trail or using the challenging via ferrata, will take us to top spots in Turda Gorge with great views from 300m of the surrounding fields. I've been there many times and I can tell you: it's beautiful and very rewarding!

  • The Turda Salt Mine - a must see near Cluj-Napoca

    The Turda Salt Mine - a must see near Cluj-Napoca

    Finally, it's time to relax and breathe in some healthy salty air! We will visit Turda Salt Mine with its underground amusement park and spend a couple of hours inside to recharge our batteries after a long day's hike!

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Location details

  • Starting point: Cluj-Napoca
  • Nearest airport: Cluj-Napoca International Airport
  • Nearest train station: Cluj-Napoca train station
  • Landscape: Hills, countryside, rocky and very steep trails

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