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Tours & Day Trips in Bucharest

Tours & Day Trips in Bucharest

Bucharest is the capital of Romania and an eclectic city that will surprise you! It has much to offer: a Balkan vibe, Oriental influences with a communist past, a Western-inspired lifestyle and Latin blood. Take any guided tour we've prepared for you - it's the best way to experience this vibrant melting pot!

Start by reading our guide on what to do in Bucharest with 50+ ideas on things to do, best places to visit, where to go out and day trip ideas.

Why visit Bucharest? In short - to see a European capital bustling with activity with a vibrant and youthful cultural scene, fine-dining and amazing nightlife, Belle Epoque era villas that survived the transformations ordered by the Romanian communist regime.

Day trips from Bucharest: the best day trips from Bucharest will take you to famous tourist attractions in Romania such as Peles Castle, Bran Castle (aka Dracula's Castle), the city of Brasov or the famous Transfagarasan Road. Visiting Constanta, the Black Sea coast or the Danube Delta on a small group tour is also a great choice.

For multi-day trips you can go hiking in Romania or to discover the best places to visit in Transylvania.

Finally, check our Bucharest public transport guide for more info and how to get to the city from the airport, and our article on Bucharest safety.

Here's a list with the day trips in Bucharest and guided tours we created so you have a great time in Romania's capital city:

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Vacaresti Natural Park (photo credit Helmut Ignat)
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Bucharest street food tour

Reviews about Tours & Day Trips in Bucharest

Best Day Trips & Tours in Bucharest

Bucharest has many popular tourist attractions and sights that will surely keep its visitors busy for at least 3 days. Being Romania’s largest city, it’s also diverse with lots of things to do, events, places to hang out, coffee shops and more. Romania’s capital city will also please any type of traveler who will find the best day trips according to his or her interests!

There are a number of Bucharest tours that will guide you through the communist history & landmarks as well as French-inspired 19th-century architecture. You'll also find a talented local cultural scene along with street art & abandoned buildings, hip urban spots, green parks, and hidden areas that will provide shelter from the bustling city center.

You can certainly go on a number of walking tours in Bucharest but if you've got limited time then you may decide to explore only the central parts of Bucharest and reserve the rest for a full day trip. So here are our choices for the top things to see on a Bucharest city break.

Main tourist sights in Bucharest

Undoubtedly, the main highlights and tourist attractions in Bucharest are the Palace of Parliament, the Romanian Village Museum, the Peasant Museum, ancient Orthodox churches, and the Old Town District of Lipscani. You will find that the majority of Bucharest city tours cover most of these. If you have just one day in the capital of Romania make sure to get in the highlights!

  • Discover the Palace of Parliament & Bucharest's communist history

Holding a rightfully-acquired first place is the famous Palace of Parliament also known as House of People, as former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu liked to call it. This massive building will surely impress tourists and visitors, whether from the outside or inside.

With more than one thousand rooms and impressive amounts of marble, hardwood, glass crystals, and gold, this outstanding attraction presents a unique glimpse into Romania’s history. Its construction started in the early 80s and was overseen by the-then presidential couple Elena and Nicolae Ceausescu who played an essential role in lavishly decorating it, while the Romanian people were suffering from shortages of food and basic necessities.

The Parliament House can be visited only through an official guided tour that, unfortunately, will not tell you much about Romanian history. But on our private Essential Communism Tour you'll learn about that and also take a short trip to Ceausescu’s private home, Vila Primaverii, a ‘must-see’ for those interested in a communist Bucharest history.

  • Catch a glimpse of rural life at the Romanian Village Museum

Despite being in Romania’s busiest city, you can also get a glimpse of the beautiful Romanian village life and our rich rural traditions and customs in a great way. Tucked away from crowded boulevards you will find the outdoor Romanian Village Museum. It is located close to Herestrau Park, and contains life-sized replicas of village houses from traditional and representative regions of Romania.

That's why this is my favorite place to recommend to those short on time or on a quick city break in Bucharest who want to find out more about Romanian culture.

A guided tour of the museum is one of the best things you can do while in Bucharest, as it will swiftly whisk you away from the bustling city life and transport you back in time to a place where everything was centered around community and traditions.

  • Discover Romanian history

You can also consider visiting the Romanian Peasant Museum, a great place to get a glimpse of how our resourceful, self-sustainable ancestors lived for hundreds of years in perfect harmony with nature. Finally, there is the National History Museum where you should not miss the collection of golden bracelets that belonged to our Dacian ancestors.

  • Visit Ancient Orthodox churches

A Bucharest day trip is never complete without a chance to view some of the beautiful Orthodox churches in the city. There are lots of them, and some are even considered centuries-old monuments that carry a lot of history on their painted walls.

If you only have the time to see one church during your Bucharest city tour, the Mihai Voda church is the best option. It is the oldest and most well-preserved church in Bucharest, while also being a rare example of medieval religious architecture. The church was constructed in 1594 by Mihai Viteazul, who was an important figure in Romanian history.

If you want to visit these impressive churches we prepare an organized tour so that you have someone to show you all the details you'd miss otherwise. The Mihai Voda church has many stories to tell!

  • Eat, drink, and have fun in Bucharest's Old Town

Now it’s time to discover the best places for a fun time while in Bucharest, and the Old Town, located in the city center, is the place to be. The area has developed a very solid reputation for good restaurants, bars, clubs, and nightlife. Some of the favourites include Grand Café Van Gogh, Hanul lui Manuc, Caru’ cu Bere, The Gin Factory, Interbelic, Club A, Shoteria - just to name a few! Our favorite place for evening drinks is Linea Closer to the Moon - check it out!

By day you can explore the cobbled streets and admire the beautiful Baroque-Renaissance architecture before stopping at one of the many cafes or restaurants.

You certainly must try Romanian traditional cuisine: cabbage rolls (sarmale) served with polenta are a popular dish for anyone visiting Bucharest, as are ciorba dishes (sour soups). Romanians also make great coffee, so you’re in for a treat!

In the evening, the Old Town transforms into a party center and the music will be playing until the early hours of the morning. If you are looking for great nightlife and a fun place for your weekend getaway - then Bucharest is your city!

Our Bucharest pub crawling tour and craft beer tour are a great way for you to experience all this!

Things to do for 1-2 days in Bucharest

Walk along the wide boulevards. One of the things we recommend you do while in Bucharest is to go for a walk (or perhaps a bike tour) along the long promenades, the wide-boulevards crisscrossing the most important city of Romania. On your list should be Calea Victoriei (Victory Boulevard), Kisselef Road (Calea Kisselef), or Regina Elisabeta Boulevard (Queen Elizabeth Road).

The most famous and historically significant street in Romania is surely Calea Victoriei. The best way to explore Romania’s most famous street is by foot, but be prepared for a long walk as the road is a full 3km in distance! On the street, you will find landmarks such as the Grigore Antipa Museum of Natural History and the Cantacuzino Palace (don't confuse with Cantacuzino Castle in Busteni, another great place to visit on a day trip).

Not to mention some beautiful houses, churches and also shops! Not too far from Calea Victoriei is one of the most ‘Instagramable’ places in Bucharest; a passage filled with multi-coloured umbrellas. This is a popular instagram spot and, of course, where most travel bloggers flock to!

If you continue along Calea Victoriei, it will lead you to Revolution Square, the place where Nicolae Ceausescu’s regime crumbled on the cold morning of December 21, 1989, the start of the Romanian Revolution. The best way to find out more about the events in 1989 is on our Bucharest Untold tour.

  • Discover Bucharest's artistic side

For those interested in the cultural and artistic side of Bucharest, tourists will be happy to hear that there are many art galleries in town.

The most prestigious with renowned painters and collections include Zorzini Gallery, H'art Gallery, Anaid, and Artmark. A particular spot belongs to Galateca Gallery which specializes in avant-garde design. Of course, the National Art Museum located in the former Royal Palace building, and the National Museum of Contemporary Art hosted by a wing of the Palace of Parliament are a must for art-lovers.

  • Observe Bucharest's architecture and city landscapes

Observe and admire the superb and sometimes peculiar architecture of the various buildings and important edifices you will see on your way, such as the Romanian Athenaeum, considered to be the most beautiful building in the Romanian capital.

Constructed in 1888 as a concert hall, the Romanian Athenaeum is an architectural combination of neoclassic and eclectic elements. Unfortunately, you can only enter during concerts and events but you may be able to view the foyer if you are lucky! Some Bucharest tours can also guarantee entry. If you happen to venture into the gardens of the Athenaeum for a spot of sightseeing, you will find there numerous statues of important cultural and political Romanian personalities.

Did you know that Bucharest was also known as ‘Little Paris’ during the interwar period?

And the easiest way to see this is through its architecture, but there’s more. Bucharest has its very own Arc de Triomphe, which resembles its more famous Parisian brother! The Arcul de Triumf (in Romanian) is also host to a small museum where visitors view exhibitions such as The Great War of Reunification of the Nation, Heraldry of the Great Boyar Families (bronze effigies, photographs), The Arch of Triumph in Images (photographs, all the historical models), and The Great Union of 1918 (crowns and royal scepter reproduced).

Our Bucharest Little Paris tour is a walking small group tour designed to give you a taste of all of the above!

  • Enjoy a day in Bucharest's massive parks

A leisurely stroll (or bike ride) in the magnificent parks of Bucharest is an experience not to be missed, especially in the summer season, when the parks are green and full of life. You will certainly return to your home city feeling very jealous!

Bucharest has a great number of parks and green spaces, but Herestrau Park stands out as the best among them! The park boasts a huge lake and also its very own island, Rose Island. There are lots of pathways for running, cycling and also playgrounds for children.

Once you reach the northern section of the lake you’ll find a large number of cafes, restaurants, and clubs. Most likely the widest range of dining choices that you will ever find in a park!

Not exactly a park, the Vacaresti Delta has been declared the biggest urban biosphere in Europe! The reserve stretches over 190 hectares and is home to various species of birds and small mammals, such as foxes, otters, and more. The intriguing thing about this biopark is that it was not intended to be a natural reserve at all.

In communist Bucharest, several infrastructure projects were planned for the area, including an artificial basin. After the anti-communist revolution in 1989, all plans were abandoned and nature eventually reclaimed the land as its own and turned it into a beautiful place for nature lovers!

Day Trips from Bucharest

For those looking to get outside of the city and visit its surroundings for a great time, there are some very excellent options to consider for a full-day trip.

Bucharest tours are a good introduction to Romania but if you want to really understand Romanian culture and its people you need to venture a bit further away from the capital. This may mean that you will need to join a Bucharest city tour bus or hop on public transportation for some fast-forward travel time, so you can also discover other parts of Romania while in this beautiful country.

The most popular day tours are just a few hours' drive away from the capital city and will either bring you close to the mountains or, if you consider yourself a beach person, take you to the Black Sea in the city of Constanta. The choice is yours, and we are here to make your stay in Romania feel like a dream.

  • Bucharest locals’ favourite getaway

A short drive to Mogosoaia and Snagov will lead you to the locals’ favourite weekend getaway spots, with plenty of nature and history, too! So, if you want to blend in with the locals and see how they spend their weekends, a visit to Mogosoaia and Snagov is one of the best Bucharest day trips to consider.

Mogosoaia Palace is representative of Romania’s 17-18th century feudal lords and displays a unique architectural style. And beyond dense forests lies Snagov Lake, with the 15th century Snagov Monastery in the middle of it where Vlad the Impaler (the real-life inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula) is supposedly buried.

  • Bran Castle tours from Bucharest

Speaking of Dracula and lords, Romania’s most beautiful castles, Peles Castle (one and a half hours drive) and the famous Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle, two and a half hours drive), can be visited on one of the most popular day tours from Bucharest, which will also take you to the charming medieval city of Brasov.

You'll find lots of companies doing big bus tours with this itinerary but we don't like that and only offer a private tour so you take your time to explore these incredible sights.

So, you can switch from admiring the medieval walls on a Bran Castle tour to reaching the vibrant Council Square in the town center of Brasov in under a one-hour drive. While in Brasov, you can go on a lovely uphill walk to the Tampa Peak to see the city from above. You can also reach Tampa Peak with a cable car.

Another must-do in the beautiful city of Brasov is to visit the Black Church and admire its medieval walls, with over 600 years old history.

Even if Peles Castle isn’t as well-known as Bran Castle, it’s an impressive construction. It was constructed by King Carol I of Romania as a summer residence and its inauguration was in 1883. This is the favourite place for many Romanians for a great weekend getaway, not only for its architecture but also for its beautiful surroundings.

Furthermore, Peles Castle is located close to the old royal train station, which was exclusively reserved for the Royal Family and its guests at the summer royal residence.

  • Other best places to visit on a day trip from Bucharest

Close to Sinaia, where Peles Castle is located, is the region of Dealu Mare, known for its vineyards and premium wine producers. This is the best place to go for a wine tasting trip in Romania.

We highly recommend choosing one of our guided Transylvania tours from Bucharest if you want to see all these sights in one day, otherwise, it might be a bit challenging for a do-it-yourself tour, especially with regular buses.

On your way to Brasov, you can also make a stop at an astonishing place, the Slanic Prahova salt mine is the biggest salt mine in Europe. Turda Salt Mine, closer to Cluj-Napoca, may be more popular but it's too far away to visit during a day trip. Nevertheless, Slanic Salt Mine will not disappoint!

Poenari Castle - where Vlad the Impaler actually lived - is another interesting sight to visit. It's a favorite place for those interested in Dracula history and legends even if this medieval fortress is now in ruins. And if combined with the famous Transfagarasan Road (open for driving only from July - October) then this will be a great day trip out of Bucharest!

If you don’t want to go to the most famous castles in Romania to avoid the crowds, you can also choose a small group tour from Bucharest with other sights in the area, such as Cantacuzino Castle, 7 Stairs Canyon or even a hiking trip to Bucegi National Park where you can see the Romanian Sphynx!

Finally, another major tourist attraction in Romania that can be visited on a day trip from Bucharest is the famous Transfagarasan Road – the ‘best road in the world’ according to Top Gear, which crosses the impressive Fagaras Mountains.

Located 250 km away from Bucharest on winding roads leading deep into the Carpathian Mountains, the road is open only from June until September and is accessible only by car. On your way there, don’t miss Curtea de Arges Monastery, a major Orthodox and historic sight. The Transfagarasan Road is one of the best tours to the famous Transylvania from Bucharest.

  • The Black Sea and Constanta: Fun by the beach

You may have heard about Romania’s Black Sea – yes, just 220 km away from Bucharest is the city of Constanta and the golden fine sands of Mamaia, the most famous beach resort in Romania. Close to the city of Constanta by the Black Sea Coast you'll find plenty of resorts with lots of options based on your interests, requirements and budget.

There's something for everyone here. So, for example, if you are looking for something different, the main road in Mamaia will lead you to less crowded but wilder beaches with unique beauty, such as Corbu and Vadu.

So if you’re longing to see the amazing view of the sea, hear and feel its breeze, take a boat ride, and even find out how the ancient port of Tomis helped spread multiculturalism, tolerance, and commerce in the region – consider a small group day tour from Bucharest to the Black Sea coast.

And if you want to have a proper holiday by the sea, you'll find a fair share of resorts to choose from for every budget type.

On your journey from Bucharest to Constanta, you will have the opportunity to cross the Danube River and admire the Anghel Saligny bridge, built between 1890 and 1895.

  • The Danube Delta: Nature's wonderland

How about a tour from Bucharest to the Danube Delta? The second-largest river delta in Europe! The UNESCO biosphere Danube Delta is further away from Bucharest and harder to access so you will need at least 2 days to learn about the wonders and sights of this great place. We certainly wouldn’t consider it a day trip from Bucharest but instead a guided bus tour for those who have more time to spend in Romania.

  • from Romania to Bulgaria in no time: Veliko Tarnovo and Tsaravets medieval fortress

A one-day trip from Bucharest can take you across the Romanian border, to Veliko Tarnovo, a beautiful medieval town in northern Bulgaria. This small town is rich in history and is home to one of the most beautiful medieval fortresses in Europe, Tsaravets.

Located 100 kilometers from Veliko Tarnovo, you'll find a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Rock-Hewn Churches of Ivanovo. This is where the first hermits excavated their cells and churches during the 12th century. The murals from the 14th century bear witness to the extraordinary talent of the artists associated with the Tarnovo School of Painting.

If you want a custom tour or have any questions - don't hesitate to contact us, we're happy to help!