Untold Stories of Bucharest: Prostitution, Holocaust and Communist Terror

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There's a part of Bucharest's history no one tells you about... It involves stories with a supernatural twist in a cemetery that is unlike anything you've seen, a culture of decadence in the interwar period, a mass murderer, and the terror people lived in during the communist regime. We all have a dark side within - so let's see what this looked like for Romania's capital!

Moments to expect

  • Bellu Cemetery

    Bellu Cemetery

    In use since 1858, Bellu Cemetery is where the elites of Romanian politics, culture and business rest. And because of that there are intricate, beautiful and impressive tombs, sepulchres and sarcophagus to see here - some of which tell stories about supernatural events, suspicious deaths or tragic love stories. You'll also find out about weird Romanian burial rituals and views about death. This will be a unique walk in an unexpected open-air museum!

  • Interwar Bucharest and Holocaust

    Interwar Bucharest and Holocaust

    Between 1920 - 1940, Bucharest flourished. But besides the political, intellectual and business life - there was also the decadent, less spoken off scene. Prostitution, bars, intrigues and more... you'll find out about it all and where it took place! But it all ended when WW II started, and you'll learn how the Holocaust unfolded in Bucharest.

  • The local ''Jack the Ripper'' & fall of communism

    The local ''Jack the Ripper'' & fall of communism

    Find out about Ion Ramaru, a local serial killer who terrorised Bucharest between 1970 and 1971. The tour will finish in the Revolution Square where the 1989 anti-communist revolution started in Bucharest. You'll learn the events and how the regime's supporters opened fire on the civilian population making it the only bloody revolution in Eastern Europe.

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Location details

  • Starting point: Piata Romana (Romana Square)
  • Nearest airport: Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport
  • Nearest train station: Bucharest North Railway Station
  • Landscape: Urban

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