Things to do

Things to do

Romania is a relatively large country with a rich natural beauty, wild Carpathian Mountains, many historical attractions, cultural spots and vibrant cities! See below all the urban tours, day trips and experiences with local guides that your Romanian Friend has selected, reviewed and recommends for your visit.
We're natives who support responsible tourism in our country and want to make sure you have the best experience here!

Your charming Transylvanian house

Stay in a Local Village House in Transylvania & Learn to Make Cheese!

Start from: Cund

  • Transylvania
  • workshop
  • with locals
  • countryside
  • peaceful
  • responsible tourism
With: Istvan
50 Euro/person
Photo tour in Romania

Photography Tour of Romania: Traditional Villages & Local Life

Start from: Brasov

  • photography
  • local life
  • traditional
  • landscapes
  • countryside
With: Vlad
70 Euro/person
Heading to the mysterious round clearing

A Day Trip in Romania's Haunted Forest: Hoia Baciu

Start from: Cluj-Napoca

  • unique
  • outdoor
  • paranormal
  • nature
With: Alex
60 Euro/person
Hoia Baciu Haunted Forest Tour

A Night Tour of Haunted Hoia Baciu Forest

Start from: Cluj - Napoca

  • local legends
  • evening tour
  • 4h
  • UFO sightings
  • unique
With: Alex
70 Euro/person
St. Michael church, Unirii Square

Short Walk & Talk about Cluj-Napoca with a Local

Start from: Cluj-Napoca

  • with locals
  • street food
  • history
  • culture
  • photography
With: Florin
25 Euro/person
Iezer Papusa

Hike to Glacial Lakes in the Wild Iezer Papusa Mts

Start from: Bucharest

  • wild Romania
  • landscapes
  • challenging hike
  • off the beaten path
With: Dan
160 Euro/person
wild bear watching at the hide

Short Bear Watching Experience from Brasov

Start from: Brasov

  • unique experience
  • wild animals
  • safe observation
  • photography
  • 4 hours
With: Simona
65 Euro/person
Bran (Dracula) Castle tour Bucharest

Private Day Trip to Brasov Old Town, Bran (Dracula) and Peles Castle

Start from: Bucharest

  • major landmarks
  • 2 cities
  • 2 castles
  • history
  • no vampires!
With: Bogdan
208 Euro/person
Vacaresti Natural Park (photo credit Helmut Ignat)

Vacaresti Natural Park: the Newest Urban Delta

Start from: Bucharest

  • urban delta
  • wildlife
  • ecotourism
  • new attraction!
  • nature walk
With: Stefan
35 Euro/person