1, 2 or 3 Day Hiking Trip in Fagaras Mts: Summit 4 Peaks in One Day!

If you're in Sibiu you'll see the mighty Fagaras Mountains, the highest in Romania, from everywhere. And if you're into hiking, then I know you'll want to go. So join me on this one day adventure to conquer the main ridge of the highest mountains in Romania and summit 3 peaks over 2,500m!

What you need to know about the Sibiu hiking trip:

  • This is a private hiking tour in Fagaras Mountains. Duration 8-9h.
  • Included: transport and guidance. Not included: snacks, water, lunch. At the end of our hike we can stop at Balea Cabin for a well deserved lunch.
  • We will summit 4 peaks in one day: Paltinul Peak (2401 m), Iezerul Caprei (2418 m), Vanatorea lui Buteanu (2507 m) and Capra (2494)
  • The hike is suitable for medium experienced hikers with a good physical condition. The hike is 9km long, with an altitude gain of 600 meters. We'll go on cliffs, sometimes rocky paths. No special equipment needed
  • Best time: June - November (depending on weather). Outside this period only if you have very good equipment and experience hiking in snow and winter conditions.

Additional information

Mandatory equipment: mountain hiking boots and hiking clothes (waterproof jacket, synthetic or merino base layer, thermal layer, hat or buff, sunglasses, a backpack with water and snacks).

Moments to expect in the hiking tour from Sibiu:

Enter Fagaras Mountains via Transfagarasan Highway

We get to the starting point of our hike by driving on the famous Transfagarasan Highway (only in July - November) up to Balea Lake. You'll enjoy a thrilling ride on the 'best driving road in the world!' If the road is closed, we will take the cable car above it up to Balea Lake [ticket not included].

Enter Fagaras Mountains via Transfagarasan Highway

We start our hiking trip

From Balea Lake begin hiking to Saua Paltinului from where we pick up the trail leading to the main ridge of Fagaras mountains.

We start our hiking trip

On the main ridge, up in the clouds

Once we reach the main ridge of Fagaras - you'll get spectacular views of the entire area! It will be hard to stay focused on the trail when the sheer beauty of nature is all around us! From here we summit 3 peaks and mark each one with a smile!

On the main ridge, up in the clouds

Summit a 2,506m peak

On the second part of the hike, we will reach Vanatoarea lui Buteanu at 2,506m before returning back to Balea Lake on a different route.

Summit a 2,506m peak

[Tour extension] 2 or 3 day hiking trip

How about we spend the night in the mountains and do more hiking in Fagaras Mts? There are many trails we can do and if you love the outdoors - you will love it here too!
[Extra cost 160 Euro/person includes guidance and overnight in a double room with en-suite WC]
You can also turn this into a 3-day hiking trip so we have time to summit Moldoveanu Peak, the highest in Romania! The itinerary is for experienced hikers and we'll sleep in Podragu Cabin (bunk beds, no shower, hot meals and you MUST bring or rent a sleeping bag). Alternatively, we can hike Negoiu Peak (2nd highest) which will take us on the most spectacular hiking route in the Romanian Carpathians! (accommodation at Negoiu Cabin, NO sleeping bag needed).
[extra cost 340 Euro/person includes guidance and 2 nights]

[Tour extension] 2 or 3 day hiking trip
2 x 90 Euro
How to book this tour?
  1. Choose how many people and when
  2. Request a booking and fill in your details
  3. Flexible payment and cancelation
  4. Guide answers in 24h
  5. Children prices

Cancelation & refund policy


Sends us or the guide an email 24h before the tour informing us you can't make it and you'll get a full refund of your payment, no questions asked.

Location details

  • Starting point: Sibiu
  • Nearest airport: Sibiu International Airport
  • Nearest train station: Sibiu
  • Landscape: Rugged mountain terrain

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