2-day Hiking Tour in Romania's Fagaras Mountains

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Join me on this hiking trip in Romania's most beautiful mountains also called Transylvania's Alps: Fagaras Mountains! They are home to the famous Transfagarasan Highway crossing and their ridges scratch the skyline on all sides. There are many options and trails in this hike and we will also visit Vidraru Lake and Poenari Citadel.

Moments to expect in the trekking tour around Fagaras Mountains

  • Day 1: Transfagarasan Highway, Balea Waterfall and Fagaras Mts

    Day 1: Transfagarasan Highway, Balea Waterfall and Fagaras Mts

    From Brasov we head towards our accommodation in Fagaras Mountains but first we drive on Transfagarasan Highway - 'the best road in the world'! After we settle in we get ready to conquer the main ridge of Fagaras Mountains on a 4-6 hour hike. The views are breathtaking and worth every effort!

  • Day 2: Vidraru Dam, Poienari Fortress and Stan's Gorge

    Day 2: Vidraru Dam, Poienari Fortress and Stan's Gorge

    We continue on Transfagarasan Road towards the beautiful Vidraru Dam for some pictures. Then, we begin hiking in the beautiful Stan Valley Canyon (which also has a via ferrata route - no technical equipment needed) where we come in close contact with virgin nature deep inside Fagaras Mountains! You will have a real mountaineering experience here with some adrenaline too - a 4-6 hour route.

  • Poenari Castle

    Poenari Castle

    Before we return to Brasov we will visit Poienari Castle (known as the real Dracula Castle). It was the residence of the famous Vlad the Impaler and we need to climb 1,480 stairs to get there! Though in ruins, the fortress is perched up on a ridge overlooking the entire valley and has a fascinating history.

  • Accommodation at Balea Lake

    Accommodation at Balea Lake

    We spend 1 night to Balea Lake Hotel or similar (guesthouses or hotels located on Transfagarasan road) - subject to availability.

Tour price: 2 x €270
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Location details

  • Starting point: Brasov (pick-up)
  • Nearest airport: Bucharest or Sibiu
  • Nearest train station: Brasov
  • Landscape: Mountains, canyons, forest

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