History Day Trip: Corvin Castle & Alba Iulia Citadel

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Join me on this interesting tour to learn about Romanian history and the fascinating legends surrounding 2 major attractions: Corvin or Hunyadi Castle, a genuine 15th century Gothic architectural beauty, and Alba Iulia, former capital of the historic province of Transylvania. And while I exercise my storytelling skills you can relax and enjoy the sights of Transylvania!

Moments to expect in the Corvin Castle trip from Cluj-Napoca:

  • Alba Iulia Vauban Citadel

    Alba Iulia Vauban Citadel

    For hundreds of years and before the Great Union of 1918 when present-day Romania was formed, Alba Iulia served as the capital of the Principality of Transylvania. We will go for a walk through different periods of history starting 2,000 years ago with the Romans and learn about the important role Alba Iulia Citadel played throughout Romanian history.

  • The fairytale like Corvin Castle

    The fairytale like Corvin Castle

    Of Gothic-Reinassance inspiration and used as fortified residence by the Corvin dynasty, rulers of Hungary and Transylvania, Hunyadi Castle is an important medieval military and architectural attraction in Romania and Eastern Europe! Dating from the 15th century and very well preserved, the castle has an impressive history and has been ranked among the top 10 most beautiful in the world!

Tour price: 2 x €105
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Location details

  • Starting point: Cluj-Napoca
  • Nearest airport: Cluj-Napoca Avram Iancu International Airport
  • Nearest train station: Cluj-Napoca
  • Landscape: Countryside, stone-cobbled streets

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