Cioclovina Fairy Tales: Dacian Trails, Hiking & First-time Caving Lesson

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This is a unique mountain, nature and adventure experience in the remote village of Cioclovina, Hunedoara region. We'll go hiking to see 2000 year old relics from the Dacians, untouched landscapes and enjoy some great local food. We will spend 3 days exploring and enjoying this beautiful area and for the adventurous ones - you can also have your first-time caving experience!

Moments to expect

  • Trip to Cioclovina Cave

    Trip to Cioclovina Cave

    Wether for hiking or for caving, on our first day we'll go to Cioclovina Cave. With a length of approx. 200m and a network of galleries of 7800m long, the cave is crossed by Ponor River and hosts numerous bat colonies - perfect for some adventure exploration: it can be crossed from the entrance to the exit only if you do 3 absils, the largest being 27 m or it can be partially crossed from downstream to upstream. The oldest skull of Homo Sapiens in Romania was discovered here, so the cave is very very old! On our way we'll also observ the "Dacian wall" a fortification meant to protect the Dacian capital Sarmizegetusa Regia.

  • Visit to the Dacian fortress 'Piatra Rosie'

    Visit to the Dacian fortress 'Piatra Rosie'

    Built during the time of Dacian ruler Burebista (61-41 BC), the Piatra Rosie fortress is more than 2000 years old and a UNESCO's site. It was built on the top of a rock massif and is part of the system of fortifications and settlements in the Orăştia Mountains, grouped around the former Dacian capital Sarmizegetusa Regia. We will explore the surrounding area and learn more about Romanian ancestors.

  • Hiking in the area

    Hiking in the area

    On our trip we will also explore the Natural Park Grădiștea Muncelului – Cioclovina and hike to Țâfla Peak (854 m). We will admire the picturesque area and enjoy some great nature!

  • Visit to a local beekeeper and honey tasting!

    Visit to a local beekeeper and honey tasting!

    Finally, we will go visit a beekeeper's farm in the area to learn about the secrets of this practice - in safe conditions! We will also taste local honey types and find out more about this very healthy and natural product!

Tour price: 2 x €75
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Location details

  • Starting point: Cioclovina Village, Cluj Napoca or Sibiu
  • Nearest airport: Cluj Napoca, Sibiu, Timisoara
  • Nearest train station: Calan
  • Landscape: Mountains, Hills

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