Hotspots around Timisoara: Bigar Waterfall & Oravita-Anina Steam Train

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Let's go on a breathtaking train ride on the oldest rail in Romania! The steam train crosses 14 tunnels and 10 viaducts offering slow and amazing scenic views of hills, valleys and villages! Then we go in Semenic National Park to go see a natural wonder that used to be renowned for its beauty - Bigar Waterfall - which unfortunately ran into a natural disaster in 2020.

Moments to expect in the Bigar Waterfall tour

  • To Anina Railway Station

    To Anina Railway Station

    We drive 2,5 hours from Timisoara to arrive at Oravita train station. On our way, we will stop in Carasova, an old Croatian ethnic village for a short walk to see village life in Semenic National Park.

  • A scenic train ride

    A scenic train ride

    The oldest railway in Romania is not electrified - so prepare for slow scenery on a steam train ride! Known as Semeringul Banatean, the Oravita-Anina steam train goes through open plains, rolling hills, viaducts and tunnels in Semenic National Park, offering spectacular views of the wild, open area and a great way for you to relax and let your mind wander!

  • Bigar Waterfall

    Bigar Waterfall

    Bigar Waterfall was ranked #1 most beautiful in the world by the World Geography Atlas and has achieved international fame as one of Romania's top attractions! Small streams running on moss and soft grass that miraculously growing on rock will create a unique scene you will never forget! In 2020 water erosion caused the heavy structure made out of soft soil to collapse. The remaining part is still beautiful to see, as is the area around the waterfall!

  • Water Mills in Rudăria

    Water Mills in Rudăria

    Less than 25km away from the *Bigar Waterfall*, we will visit the reservation of the *Water Mills* in Rudăria, in the Eftimie Murgu village. The 22 mills spread on 3 km, on the bank of the river Rudăria, were built in the 18th century. The mills are owned by the locals, who use them to grind their cereals. It is a splendid place to discover the old agricultural and ethnological traditions of the region!

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Location details

  • Starting point: Timisoara
  • Nearest airport: Traian Vuia Airport Timisoara
  • Nearest train station: Gara de Nord Timisoara
  • Landscape: Hills , Countryside, Mountains

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