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Bike Tour & Ethnographic Exploration in Villages around Cluj

In the peaceful and isolated villages of Transylvania there are still well-preserved farmhouses, medieval churches, local crafts and a beautiful and serene way of life. The village of Calata near Cluj-Napoca is mostly inhabited by ethnic Hungarians and is famed for its colorful and richly decorated folk costumes, dating back generations. Let's go on a bike ride to see!

What you need to know

  • This is a private bike tour starting from Cluj-Napoca. Duration: 8 hours
  • Included: car transfer to starting point, bike & helmet rental, picnic lunch, entrance fees. Not included: souvenirs
  • We start with a one hour transfer by car to the starting point of our bike route outside of Cluj-Napoca.
  • We will bike around the foothills of Apuseni Mountains (total of 60 km, 6-7 hours) on countryside roads, paved or with dirt. Easy-medium physical condition needed
  • We will bike through quiet and peaceful nature, see local life and finally stop in the village of Calata. Here we visit people's homes and learn about their traditions and way of life

Additional information

Appropriate sportswear is required and good spirits!

Moments to expect

Bike, nature & sights

Our bike trail will take us through the foothills of Romania's Western Carpathian Mountains and Apuseni Natural Park. This is a quiet place where nature has been preserved and local villages live a slow life. All nature lovers will love biking here!

Bike, nature & sights

Village of Calata

After passing through several Romanian villages we reach our destination - the traditional Hungarian village of Calata. Hungarians are the largest minority in Transylvania and here we can see how they have preserved their culture and way of life, although disconnected from their home country.

Village of Calata

Typical painted ''clean'' room in Calata

In the old times every house used to have a special room. It was not used for everyday life but only to store the carefully hand-painted furniture, pride of the locals, and the future bride's heritage called 'zestre', made out of special jewlery, decorations or homeware. It's like a museum in every house and each house has a different story!

Typical painted ''clean'' room in Calata
2 x 150 Euro
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Cancelation & refund policy


Sends us or the guide an email 24h before the tour informing us you can't make it and you'll get a full refund of your payment, no questions asked.

Location details

  • Starting point: Cluj - Napoca
  • Nearest airport: Cluj Napoca International
  • Nearest train station: Cluj Napoca
  • Landscape: Hills and roadside

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