8-Day Complete Tour of Traditional Maramures & Bucovina

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Maramures and Bukovina are two famous regions in Romania living in a time bubble: here you can see an old way of life, with customs, values and people living as their ancestors did decades ago. Plenty of local crafts, celebrations, homegrown food and a peaceful life. It is like a living open-space museum on charming rolling hills, a journey back in time.

Moments to expect in the complete tour of Maramures & Bucovina

  • The most important landmarks of Maramures and Bukovina region

    The most important landmarks of Maramures and Bukovina region

    On this trip we will visit: the UNESCO wooden churches of Maramures unique in the world for their setting and history; the UNESCO painted monasteries of Bukovina with colours that have not changed over 400 years; the Merry Cemetery of Sapanta - a unique and merry sight you would not believe and also the workshop where the merry crosses are made. There are other sights in the area we can include in the itinerary after you make a booking.

  • Roaming in the beautiful countryside

    Roaming in the beautiful countryside

    While we explore these 2 regions we will see many activities and workshops: women knitting, weaving traditional Romanian costumes or washing carpets in an old machine called ,,valtoare’’ (natural whirlpool).
    Men making the strongest Romanian spirit called horinca (60% alcohol) in their own distilleries and offering us a tasting session! Wooden craftsmen making all types of things, big and small, including huge wooden gates! Finally, we won't miss the traditional Maramures hats and many other things which you can take home as an original souvenir.

  • Special regional celebrations

    Special regional celebrations

    In Maramures or Bukovina, there is always some sort of celebration going on. If we are lucky to catch one, a festival or a Sunday event or mass at the church, we will take part. This is a unique occasion to see local life, traditional costumes and to share the joy and admire the beautiful happy people!

  • A ride with Mocanita - the steam train

    A ride with Mocanita - the steam train

    Today we will do things very…very…slow! Yes, you are in for a great experience: a ride with the narrow and slow gauge steam train (Mocanita) on Vaser Valley, a narrow mountain passage. We will enjoy the beautiful forests and landscapes of Maramures Natural Park, take unique photos of the steam train, and wave to the happy locals!

  • Delicious, traditional food!

    Delicious, traditional food!

    Both regions are famous for their delicious food made with homegrown vegetables and products. Hearty dishes and locals' hospitality will make sure you will never feel hungry but know the real and natural taste of vegetables and fruits!

  • Folk culture & traditional crafts

    Folk culture & traditional crafts

    Maramures is also known as land of wood while Bukovina is famous for its egg-painting craft. Locals have preserved many of their ancestors' handcrafts and traditional forms of art and take great pride in showing them to visitors - so we will see some examples in both regions!

Tour price: 2 x €1100
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Location details

  • Starting point: Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara or Bucharest
  • Nearest airport: Cluj-Napoca
  • Nearest train station: Cluj-Napoca
  • Landscape: Hills, countryside

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