Cluj-Napoca Food Tour: Food Markets, Regional Dishes and Coffee Culture

Adela With: Adela
Hi there! I'm Adela, a native of Cluj-Napoca and passionate food blogger! My hometown is the unofficial capital of Transylvania and has a very distinct culinary culture than what you find in Bucharest or other parts of the country. And probably the best coffee in Romania! So come with me to explore the food culture of Cluj, enjoy delicious dishes and meet the friendliest people!

Moments to expect in the Cluj-Napoca food tour:

  • Introduction to Romanian cuisine

    Introduction to Romanian cuisine

    The best way to understand traditional Romanian food is to visit a local food market to see what locals sell and buy. Your senses will be busy and love it here! We start our first food tasting with traditional Romanian appetizers: various regional cheeses, cured meats and organic, home-grown vegetables from the friendly farmers you will meet!

  • Romanian 'mici' - a must try!

    Romanian 'mici' - a must try!

    Our second stop will be at a local meat/butcher shop where we eat the famous Romanian „Mici” - minced meat in different combinations, mixed with herbs and garlic, fire-grilled and enjoyed simply with bread, mustard and a beer! It's our nation's favorite barbecue menu and I think your stomach will soon understand why :)

  • A traditional Romanian meal

    A traditional Romanian meal

    Next, we head to a cosy restaurant that serves delicious traditional Romanian dishes! Here we taste typical Romanian recipes but adapted to Transylvanian cuisine: the famous ciorba (a sour soup with vegetables and meat), different types of polenta and cabbage rolls aka sarmale, the Romanian national dish. If we survive this feast we end it with a Romanian dessert of your choice!

  • Coffee? Yes please!

    Coffee? Yes please!

    The coffee culture in Cluj-Napoca has been booming in recent years: trendy and hipster-modern or small and simple, lots of shops serve speciality coffee of exotic origins, roasted and prepared using all sorts of techniques. So we head to a coffee shop popular with locals and end our culinary journey by trying diffrent types of speciality coffee and brewing methods!

Tour price: 2 x €50
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Location details

  • Starting point: Cluj-Napoca
  • Nearest airport: Aeroportul International Avram Iancu Cluj-Napoca
  • Nearest train station: Cluj-Napoca
  • Landscape: Urban

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