Cluj-Napoca Food Tour: Food Markets, Regional Dishes and Coffee Culture

No Seerus! This tour is now about food. Say whaat? This tour is about you get an authentic vibe of this amazing city, Cluj-Napoca! Local butchery or bakery, farmers market, excellent coffee barista or authentic craft beers, "The more local restaurant, you can't get", are just few things you will discover in this tour. PS: What "no seerus" means? Join me in this tour and you will find out! :)

What you need to know about the food tour of Cluj-Napoca:

  • A culinary experience & short walking tour through the city centre. Duration 3-4 hours and starting time to be agreed
  • Included: guidance from a food blogger native of Cluj-Napoca, food & drinks tastings in 3 different locations
  • The tour will take you through a farmers' market, a local restaurants and a coffee or pastry shop. Come hungry so you can brave through the mouth-watering feast we will enjoy :)
  • I will also share my recommendations for the best restaurants in Cluj and tips on how to enjoy Romanian food!
  • My schedule is flexible so we can agree on starting point and time of the tour after your booking is confirmed.
  • 70% of the food in this tour will contain products of animal origin (meat, milk and eggs). I can adapt the tour to be more vegetarian-friendly but please let me know in advance

Additional information

Please wear comfortable shoes.

I recommend you bring a bottle of water, but we can also pick up one along the way.

Moments to expect in the Cluj-Napoca food tour:

Introduction to Romanian cuisine

We start our first food tasting with traditional Romanian appetizers: various regional cheeses, cured meats and organic, home-grown vegetables from a friendly local butchery shop. Upon request we can go also for a light bakery tasting!

Introduction to Romanian cuisine

Farmers Market

The best way to understand traditional Romanian food is to visit a local food market to see what locals sell and buy. Your senses will be busy and love it here and and it's perfect place to buy "organic souvenirs"!

Farmers Market

Coffee or desert? Yes please!

The coffee culture in Cluj-Napoca has been booming in recent years: trendy and hipster-modern or small and simple, lots of shops serve speciality coffee of exotic origins, roasted and prepared using all sorts of techniques. Nonetheless, beer is also among the favorite drinks around fellow Cluj people. So we prepared for you both options upon request. Excellent coffee or Local Craft beers. We bet you can't decide! No worries, we will sort it out!

Coffee or desert? Yes please!

A traditional Romanian lunch

Next, we head to a cosy restaurant that serves delicious traditional Romanian dishes! Here we taste typical Romanian recipes but adapted to Transylvanian cuisine: the famous ciorba (a sour soup with vegetables and meat), different types of polenta and cabbage rolls aka sarmale, the Romanian national dish or the traditional "Varza a la Cluj"!

A traditional Romanian lunch

Desert! Yes please!

There is no holiday in Romania whitout home-made cupcakes or some other type of deserts. The best thing is that we can find those traditional deserts in a nice cake shop next to the main square of Cluj-Napoca!

Desert! Yes please!
2 x 55 Euro
How to book this tour?
  1. Choose how many people and when
  2. Request a booking and fill in your details
  3. Flexible payment and cancelation
  4. Guide answers in 24h
  5. Children prices

Cancelation & refund policy


Sends us or the guide an email 24h before the tour informing us you can't make it and you'll get a full refund of your payment, no questions asked.

Location details

  • Starting point: Cluj-Napoca
  • Nearest airport: Aeroportul International Avram Iancu Cluj-Napoca
  • Nearest train station: Cluj-Napoca
  • Landscape: Urban

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