Picturesque Hiking Trails: Apuseni Natural Park & Rural Village Life

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On this hiking trip to Apuseni Natural Park we head to Trascau mountain range which offers incredible picturesque sceneries, with diverse vegetation, impressive woodlands and steep stone walls such as Bedeleu Plateau which will amaze you! You will also experience genuine rural life and see villages spread over rolling hills and curvy paths, with locals greeting us as we pass by!

Moments to expect

  • See village life at its best

    See village life at its best

    On this tour you will see Romanian traditional rural life at its best: in these parts villagers are still the adepts of a simple lifestyle in accordance with nature's laws. The typically village friendship between people and their livestock is a common scene here and you will see how locals live.

  • Landscape photography

    Landscape photography

    Our hike will take us on curvy trails through woodlands and clearings but also on highlands and plateaus, places where the serenity of Apuseni Mountains can be admired. You will get splendid views of the area and nature's beauty - something your camera will surely like!

  • Discover nature's wonders

    Discover nature's wonders

    Also on our route we will venture through forests to reach a nicely hidden waterfall formed by nature on a vertical cliff. Water comes from many unseen smaller streams from higher up in the mountains and its smooth flow and peaceful sound will delight you!

Tour price: 2 x €96
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Location details

  • Starting point: Cluj-Napoca
  • Nearest airport: Cluj-Napoca's Avram Iancu International Airport
  • Nearest train station: Cluj-Napoca
  • Landscape: Hills, Mountains, Countryside

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