Brasov Day Trip: Hike, Mountain Villages, Bears & Bran Castle!

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There are many things to do and sights around Brasov - choose your favorite and let's go on a day trip! We can go on a light hike in Piatra Craiului Natural Park, explore traditional and picturesque mountain villages or visit Libearty Bear Sanctuary. Of course, the famous Bran Castle is nearby as is the medieval city of Brasov. Lots of great possibilities for having a good time!

Moments to expect in the day trip to Brasov:

  • Visit Libearty Bear Sanctuary

    Visit Libearty Bear Sanctuary

    [Must be #1 stop in the morning] This huge outdoor sanctuary in Zarnesti is a private initiative (not a zoo!) that shelters about 90 rescued bears from circuses, closed zoos or abandoned in the wild from all over Europe. Now they are taken care of and happy and we'll learn about their amazing life stories while seeing them play!

  • Picturesque Romanian Villages: Pestera and Magura

    Picturesque Romanian Villages: Pestera and Magura

    At the base of Piatra Craiului Mts. there are several villages at high altitude (800m) spread along picturesque hills. Some of the most beautiful views in Romania can be admired here! Locals have a traditional lifestyle and we can go on a light hike to explore the area, meet sheepherds and taste some cheese!

  • The spectacular Zarnesti Gorges

    The spectacular Zarnesti Gorges

    Carved into karst rock walls over a length of about 2 km, Zarnesti Gorges are absolutely impressive: huge vertical walls close in on a narrow corridor carved by a small water stream over thousands of years! The temperature drops a few degrees as the Sun hardly penetrates the gorges. A great place for a wonderful and relaxing walk in air so fresh and cool you'll never forget it!

  • The famous Bran Castle

    The famous Bran Castle

    Bran Castle known as Dracula's Castle by its touristic name... is in fact a wonderful and imposing medieval citadel built 800 years ago to defend the crossing between Transylvania and Wallachia. There are many legends and myths surrounding it and while we explore the castle I will tell you about them - including if there's any real connection to Dracula!

  • The charming city of Brasov

    The charming city of Brasov

    Surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, the city of Brasov has its undeniable charm. We admire the colorful medieval townhouses of the Old Town, visit Council Square and the 700-year-old Gothic Black Church. Seeing the differences and similarities between Sibiu and Brasov will be an interesting experience for you!

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Location details

  • Starting point: Sibiu
  • Nearest airport: Sibiu International Airpor
  • Nearest train station: Sibiu
  • Landscape: Countryside, Mountains

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