Tour of Transylvania's Countryside: Sighisoara Citadel & Fortified Villages

Join me on this day trip to discover Transylvania's medieval heritage! We drive from Cluj-Napoca through the beautiful countryside to go visit 500-year-old well-preserved Saxon (German) settlements: the fortified city of Medias, UNESCO settlements of Biertan and famous Sighisoara Citadel. Discover their fascinating history and join me on this cultural trip with scenic landscapes!

What you need to know about this tour in Transylvania from Cluj-Napoca:

  • A day trip with a focus on culture and history starting from Cluj-Napoca with a customisable itinerary. Duration: 10 hours
  • Included: transport (around 350km), English-speaking guide with a degree in history, water for the road and a coffee. Not included: lunch
  • First we drive to Medias to visit the impressive and fortified town centre. We stop for a quick coffee break, stories and legends
  • Then we head to the village of Biertan and Sighisoara Citadel, both part of UNESCO heritage, to learn about medieval times, Saxon traditions and architecture
  • You will see beautiful landscapes which made Transylvania's countryside so famous and how village life looks like!
  • Instead of Biertan and Medias, we can visit a typical Rroma family in their home to learn about their culture and lifestyle. Also called gypsies, this ethnic minority is subject to huge discrimination and prejudice all over Europe. So take this unique opportunity to learn about the people behind the preconceptions
  • We can replace Medias and Biertan with a visit to Turda Salt Mine (12 Euro ticket not included). Please mention this in your booking request

Additional information

No meal is included but depending on your preference we can stop for lunch or sandwich - I know some very good places on our route!

Moments to expect during the tour to Sighsoara Citadel and Transylvania:

City of Medias - part of Siebenburgen

Our first stop will be in the Saxon town of Medias which has a tower 69 m tall - tilted like the Leaning Tower of Pisa! We'll spend 1 hour here to go for a walk and coffee while learning some fun stories and legends about the history of this important settlement part of the Saxon Siebenburgen.

City of Medias - part of Siebenburgen

The 500-year-old church in Biertan

Saxons colonists came to South Transylvania in the 12th century and their heritage, culture and way of life is still with us today. The fortified church in the village of Biertan is massive, impressive and jaw-dropping! It's where an original couples' therapy was practiced 400 years ago - maybe you want to try it? :)

The 500-year-old church in Biertan
Attractions included

Medieval Sighisoara Citadel

Finally, we visit Sighisoara Citadel, the best preserved and few remaining still-inhabited medieval citadels in Europe! We go on a tour of the old cobbled streets and main squares, admire colorful and built-to-last medieval houses and learn about the impressive history and cultural importance of the citadel, now part of UNESCO heritage. We can also stop for lunch in a traditional Saxon guesthouse.

Medieval Sighisoara Citadel
Attractions included

OPTIONAL - Visit to a Rróma family in Brateiu

You have a unique opportunity to visit a typical Rroma family. Victor, the head of the family who is a traditional artizan, will tell you more about their history, culture and lifestyle, including some personal stories. He will show us his workshop and products made of copper, brass or silver. You will also meet his wife and children. This is a perfect stop for those who want to learn about this heavily discriminated ethnic minority in Europe, wrongly called gypsies, subject to many prejudices and mis-conceptions.
[Extra price of 25 Euro/person, min. 2 people needed]

OPTIONAL - Visit to a Rróma family in Brateiu
2 x 125 Euro
How to book this tour?
  1. Choose how many people and when
  2. Request a booking and fill in your details
  3. Flexible payment and cancelation
  4. Guide answers in 24h
  5. Children prices

Cancelation & refund policy


Sends us or the guide an email 24h before the tour informing us you can't make it and you'll get a full refund of your payment, no questions asked.

Location details

  • Starting point: Cluj-Napoca
  • Nearest airport: Cluj Napoca International
  • Nearest train station: Cluj-Napoca Train Station
  • Landscape: Landscapes, Countryside, Urban

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