UNESCO Pottery Workshop & Oltenia Countryside Tour

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Discover Romanian culture in a unique way: we'll visit a family of Horezu ceramics craftsmen and learn why this unique and fascinating pottery technique was included on the UNESCO heritage list - by doing it! We then go to a 400-year-old fortification-turned-countryside-manor to enjoy a delicious traditional lunch with a view, while you learn about Romanian history in the region!

Moments to expect

  • A unique ceramics workshop part 1: moulding

    A unique ceramics workshop part 1: moulding

    We hear the story of a craft that dates back to Neolithic times: men prepare the clay and women decorate the objects using specific techniques and tools to draw traditional motifs. Their skill in combining decoration and colour defines the personality and uniqueness of the Horezu ceramics. We will try our luck at moulding the clay and using the potter’s wheel to create our own object!

  • Ceramics workshop part 2: decorating

    Ceramics workshop part 2: decorating

    Women use a feather, a cow's horn and other traditional tools to decorate the clay objects. The colours are obtained from natural pigments and are vivid shades of dark brown, red, green, blue and ‘Horezu ivory’.
    While we are not experienced craftsmen, we can try our luck and learn to appreciate more such crafts!

  • Visiting "kulas" - traditional boyar houses

    Visiting "kulas" - traditional boyar houses

    In Maldaresti we visit 400 years old boyar houses named “kulas”, made to protect their owners from the Ottoman invaders in the 17th century. “Kula” is the Turkish word for “tower” and these fortified houses were used for defense, observation, distress signalling and residential purposes. We will see 3 of these houses and listen to their legends.

  • Traditional and delicious meal

    Traditional and delicious meal

    One of these kulas has been transformed into a 4-star manor – Conacul lui Maldar, where we will enjoy delicious dishes made after old recipes from the region area, using locally sourced ingredients. We will eat like people did 400 years ago! The manor's courtyard offers breathtaking views to enjoy after lunch.

Tour price: 2 x €166
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Location details

  • Starting point: Bucharest
  • Nearest airport: Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport
  • Nearest train station: Bucharest North Railway Station
  • Landscape: Outdoors and countryside

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