The Fairytale Colibita Lake: Hike or Bike on a 2-Day Trip

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In 1970 the communist regime decided to build an artificial lake in a 800m high valley in Calimani Mountains, one of the wildest in the Eastern Carpathians. This area is so rich in fauna and vegetation, with vast virgin forests unspoiled by civilisation that it is said to have the cleanest air in Romania! Come discover this beautiful land and reconnect with nature!

Moments to expect in this Colibita Lake trip:

  • Colibita Lake - beauty & legends

    Colibita Lake - beauty & legends

    The lake was created on top of the small community of Colibita, though villagers tried to resist and refused to move. Locals say that when the water drops low enough, the cross on top of the tower from the old church - which no one dared demolish - can be seen in the water. Truthful or not, one thing is for sure: the lake is breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful!

  • Explore the area on hiking trips

    Explore the area on hiking trips

    Calimani Mountains are volcanic, wild and very well preserved. With heights ranging from 1800-2100m, there are numerous hiking routes we can choose from to get better views of Colibita Lake. Nature at its best!

  • Biking in the area? YES please.

    Biking in the area? YES please.

    For those passionate about nature MTB, you should know that there are a wide variety of trails and paths, including some rocky trails used by the army in the first World War, that we can go on. The virgin beauty of these woodlands will impress you!

  • Relax. Enjoy. Repeat.

    Relax. Enjoy. Repeat.

    The area around Colibita Lake - Calimani Mountains is so remote, peaceful, untouched by civilisation and wildly beautiful you won't believe it! Said to have the cleanest air in Romania, this is the perfect place to relax, enjoy nature and disconnect from your busy world!

Tour price: 2 x €195
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Location details

  • Starting point: Cluj-Napoca
  • Nearest airport: Cluj-Napoca 'Avram Iancu' International Airport
  • Nearest train station: Cluj-Napoca or Bistrita
  • Landscape: Mountainous, steep hills, country side

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