Nature & Countryside Guesthouses

Nature & Countryside Guesthouses

If you want to experience the Romanian version of 'life is good' 'dolce far niente' or 'joie de vivre' - which we call 'viata buna', this is where you will find it. Our selection of get out of the city trips, countryside retreats or weekend getaways are the perfect way to do this. Enjoy!

Your charming Transylvanian house

Stay in a Local Village House in Transylvania & Learn to Make Cheese!

Start from: Cund

  • Transylvania
  • workshop
  • with locals
  • countryside
  • peaceful
  • responsible tourism
With: Istvan
The ridge of Fagaras Mountains

3-day Hiking & Wildlife Trip at a Mountain Cabin in Fagaras Mts.

Start from: Zarnesti or Podu Dambovitei

  • eco-friendly trip
  • conservation non-profit
  • mountaineering
  • wild animals
  • responsible tourism
  • photography
With: Robert
Agrotourism in Transylvania stay

2-days of Agro-Tourism in Transylvania at a Local Farm

Start from: Cobor or Brasov

  • countryside
  • rural farm
  • village life
  • organic food
  • disconnect
  • responsible tourism
With: Gabriela
Our luxury mountain lodge

3 Days Hiking & Wildlife Experience at an Eco-Luxury Mountain Cabin

Start from: Podu Dambovitei

  • eco-luxury cabin
  • all-included
  • conservation NGO
  • responsible eco-tourism
  • unique experience
With: Robert
Horse ridding trip in Transylvania, Romania

2-days Horse Riding in the Hills of Transylvania at a Local Ranch

Start from: Sinca Noua; pick-up available

  • countryside
  • experienced riders
  • 3-day package
  • local food
  • all-inclusive
With: Christoph

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