Romania Small Group Tours

Romania Small Group Tours

Small Group Tours - we at Romanian Friend have picked some of our tours to open them for more travellers who want the same thing on the same day - to see Romania on a guided trip! These tours will give you a taste of Romania while supporting local tourism!

For Independent Travellers - traveling alone? no problem - join a small group of 4-8 people which will lower the cost for everyone when booking on certain dates. The added bonus is that you’ll get to share the experience with other travellers and make new friends while you travel across beautiful Romania!

With Local Romanian Guides - we partnered with 10 local guides in Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara eager to share with you their passion for Romania! All our group day trips run on weekends and during July-Sept it's possible also during the week. Tourism in Romania is low (3,3 mil in 2018) and we promote the best of our country to build a sustainable and eco-tourism network. It's our mission at Romanian Friend. Book with us and you will help everyone through responsible tourism!

Check out the Romanian Friend small group tours - and write to us if you have any questions!

Sighisoara tour from Sibiu

Medieval Heritage of Transylvania: Sighisoara Citadel & Fortified Villages

Start from: Sibiu

  • Biertan
  • historic landmarks
  • photography
  • countryside life
With: Adela
Turda Salt Mine Tour Cluj-Napoca

Cluj Top Attractions: Turda Salt Mine, Alba Iulia Citadel & Rimetea Village

Start from: Cluj-Napoca (pick-up)

  • unique sights
  • history of Romania
  • village life
  • landscapes
  • folk culture
  • healthy!
With: Florin
Day tour from Cluj to Sighisoara

Tour of Transylvania's Countryside: Sighisoara Citadel & Fortified Villages

Start from: Cluj-Napoca

  • Transylvania
  • medieval history
  • countryside
  • 'must see' sights
With: Florin
Bucharest Pub Crawls

Pub Crawling & Bar Hopping in Bucharest Old Town

Start from: Lipscani street

  • group tour
  • every weekend
  • nightlife
  • good fun
With: Razvan
Day tour in Romanian mountain villages

Day Trip to Traditional Mountain Villages: Magura & Pestera

Start from: Brasov

  • easy hike
  • rural culture
  • cheese tasting
  • superb scenery
  • eco-tourism
With: Marian
Corvin Castle Tour

Sibiu Day Trip to Corvin (Hunyadi) Castle & Alba Iulia Citadel

Start from: Sibiu

  • medieval history
  • must-see sights
  • Romanian landscapes
  • tour extension
With: Adela
Danube Delta tour

4-Days of Birdwatching and Boat Rides in the Danube Delta

Start from: Tulcea

  • responsible tourism
  • fishfood
  • bird watching
  • photography
  • small group tours
With: Iliuta
Piatra Craiului National Park

1 or 2 Day Hiking Tour in Piatra Craiului National Park

Start from: Brasov

  • national park
  • Zarnesti Gorge
  • local villages
  • superb views
  • private hike
With: Marian
Transfagarasan Highway Tour from Sibiu

Transfagarasan Highway Tour: The Best Road in the World!

Start from: Sibiu

  • top attraction
  • Fagaras Mts
  • Clay Castle
  • photography
  • Ice Hotel
With: Adela
Romania shared group tour

10-Day Best of Romania Small Group Tour 2021

Start from: Bucharest

  • complete Romanian experience
  • historic landmarks
  • UNESCO culture
  • local life
  • traditional food
  • bears!
With: Bogdan
Visit Transfagarasan Highway

Road trip on Transfagarasan Highway

Start from: Bucharest

  • must-see
  • great nature
  • Vidraru Lake
  • history
  • landscapes
With: Bogdan
Bran Castle

Medieval Castles of Transylvania Tour: Bran, Rasnov & Peles

Start from: Brasov

  • day trip
  • medieval history
  • local life
  • top attractions
  • landscapes
With: Marian

Romania Small Group Tours & 3, 7 or 10 days itineraries

Romania is a fascinating country, full of many genuine treasures waiting to be discovered. Over the last 15 years, there has been a considerable increase in interest in Romania.

It was only a matter of time! Romania has an impressive list of tourist attractions that are only just now, in the age of the internet, beginning to be discovered by travellers. And it is not only the architecture and natural beauty that is making tourists stop and wonder why this is the first time they have travelled to Romania.

Travelling to some parts of Romania is truly like stepping back in time. Not only this, Romanian history and culture is incredibly interesting, diverse and with influences from many of the neighbouring countries. What’s more, the local food rivals even the best pizza you have tasted in Italy.

Are 7 days in Romania enough to get a glimpse of its magic?
Should you go for an adventure just by yourself or choose a small group tour instead?
While some may achieve a lot during a city-break in Bucharest or Cluj-Napoca, others decide to spend up to 10 days in Romania. There is really something for everyone, depending on the time you have available and, of course, your curiosity.

3 Days in Romania
If you only have 3 days to spend in Romania and you want to experience as much as possible of this beautiful country, we have some very good news for you: it can be done! Of course, at least 10 days in Romania would be ideal - there is always next year for that!

For 3 days in Romania you need is a very well thought out plan, and a small group tour to join. To experience Romania’s highlights in a limited amount of time, a tour with an experienced local guide is necessary. The only way to see as much as possible in 3 days in Romania is to tag along with someone who knows where they are going!

Romania is still developing as a tourist destination and for this reason, navigating or even driving from place to place all by yourself will not be as easy as it is in Italy or France (for example).
Arrival in Bucharest: If you arrive in Bucharest, you should definitely first visit the Old City Centre, well known for its paved streets and a collection of art galleries, antique shops and restaurants. Bucharest is the city to be in to experience the Romanian nightlife, though you may not have time with just 3 days in Romania. There is just so much to see!

Some other highlights of Bucharest include: Palace of Parliament, The Romanian Athenaeum, Triumph Arc and King Michael I Park.

Next up - Romania’s famous castles:
Our next suggestion is Peles Castle in Sinaia, just one and a half hour from Bucharest. Dozens of builders, artists and wood-carvers brought the castle into existence and it served for years as the summer residence of the royal family.

Not too far away, you can also move to Bran Castle. Bran Castle owes its fame to its imposing towers and rooms filled with weaponry, as well as to the myth created around Dracula’s character.
Nature at its best

Let’s not make it all about castles and legends. The next destination on your itinerary should be Piatra Craiului National Park. Located just a few kilometers away from Brasov and three hours from Bucharest, this area is one of the most loved hiking destinations in Romania.

The reserve extends almost 9,900 hectares and is home to a true biological treasure, with many thriving plant species. At the base, you can get the feel of the authentic Romanian mountain villages, with their green meadows and domestic animals wandering around without a care in the world.
If you’re planning on hiking here make sure to join a small group tour. It is very cost effective and also will ensure that you take the best, and safest route!

After a jam-packed 3 days in Romania, you might wish you would have at least 10 more days in Romania to explore, but you can always come back!

7 days in Romania
If you are lucky enough to spend 7 days in Romania, there is a lot more that you can see!
Drive on the Transfăgărășan Highway. With the extra 4 days added to your Romania itinerary you can also make your way to the Transfăgărășan Highway. The Transfăgărășan Highway is definitely the most beautiful road in the country and also one of the most impressive in the world!

Thanks to its position in the heart of Romania’s highest mountain peaks the Transfăgărășan, with its incredible serpentines, forms a very unique landscape. Driving on the Highway is truly an unforgettable experience. The advantages of driving with a small group tour in Romania are:
The guide will better navigate the Romanian roads and local driving norms. Driving in Romania can be a shock for travellers who are used to driving in their home country.

The guide will know all the best places to stop along the way and take in Romania’s natural scenery. For example, the glacial Balea Lake at the top of the Transfagarasan is not to be missed. Also, the Ice Hotel at Balea Lake is one of the most impressive hotels in the world, being open for only 3 months a year, for obvious reasons.

Visit the charming city of Sibiu
A 7 day itinerary in Romania should also include a visit to the charming city of Sibiu. When in the Grand Square, impressive and worth admiring of its own, you can see – and go visit – Brukenthal Palace. The Liar’s Bridge is another emblem of the city: according to legends, if one stands on the bridge and tells a lie, the bridge will collapse. If you want to enjoy a panoramic view of the city, the Council Tower is just perfect for that. Make sure to check out our small group tours starting from Sibiu.

Visit the charmingly medieval Brașov
Brașov is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania and also in Europe - it is not to be missed on your 7 days trip to Romania. The medieval part of the city known as the Old Town is very well preserved, with most parts of the Fortress, the Watchtowers and the old City Gates are open for visitors. The most popular landmark is the Black Church, built in the 14th century and earned its name thanks to a fire that turned its exterior walls black from smoke.

Hiking in the mountains is a popular activity in Brașov, and you can benefit from our small group tour there every single weekend. There are many other individual tours that you can join in Brașov, one of the most popular being the bear watching tour!
7 days in Romania will be just enough time to make you want to come back every single year.

10 days in Romania
If you have the time to spend 10 days in Romania, you should definitely also head to Sighișoara.

Wander around the narrow streets in Sighișoara
Located in Transylvania, Sighișoara is remarkably well-preserved and has earned a UNESCO World Heritage Site award. One day well spent in Sighișoara will cause you to fall in love with the city forever. The Clock Tower and the Church on the Hill are the must-see attractions, however, the genuine experience comes as you simply wander around the old, narrow streets. One advantage of exploring Sighișoara with a local Romanian guide are the many ancient stories to be told about these streets.

Visit the heart of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca
An important stop for your 10-day itinerary in Romania is the Cluj-Napoca area, where just 30 km distance from the city you can experience the unique and spectacular Salina Turda or explore the great outdoors by hiking in Apuseni Natural Park.

Salina Turda or the Turda Salt Mine is a salt mine that has been transformed into a theme park! You can join a small group tour that will take you here, and it is available to be booked every weekend.
After all that adventure, the city of Cluj-Napoca with its serene feel awaits! You can wander the streets or choose a sidewalk café from where you can admire the city in peace.

For 3, 7 or even 10 days in Romania, a small group tour is the best solution. If you have only 3 days to spend in Romania, or you follow a well-established 7 or 10-day itinerary, this amazing country has a long list of things to see and do for all types of travellers. An important fact to note when organising your trip to Romania is that it has a very low number of tourists compared to other countries. As a comparison, our neighbour Hungary had 12.5 million visitors in 2018, Italy had over 60 million and Romania had just 3.5 million.

Because of Romania’s low tourist numbers, the industry isn’t well developed and doesn’t have huge capacity. For this reason, most tours are private and securing availability is difficult. There are also not many small group tours in Romania available for travellers to join! However, at Romanian Friend we are trying to change the availability shortage and develop our tourism economy into one that is sustainable and supports the local community (through the use of local goods and services). As we grow, these small group tours will support our mission for responsible tourism and benefit both the Romanian people and the visitors to our country.

We look forward to welcoming you on one of our small group tours soon!